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Sometimes love is the sweetest when you go in blind…folded. Well-meaning friends can either lead to disaster or another chance at happiness. Nolan and Mia have suffered through their own tragedies. Nolan dove into work, taking over his grandfather’s company, and Mia focused on being a single parent and her growing catering business. Individually, they come to the understanding that it’s time to find a balance between grieving and living again. Meddling friends and a blind date photoshoot lead to a weekend getaway, reigniting a passion neither Nolan nor Mia ever expected to feel again. Join Mia in trying to find freedom in his ropes and surrender under his belt; while Nolan finds the peace he’s been searching for being the nurturing dominant she needs. But Mia has more than just herself to consider, and she can’t bear the thought of putting her family through another heartbreak. If Daddy has his way about it, though, the presents won’t be the only thing wrapped up under the tree this Christmas…

Willow: I knew all about Wyatt Evans from watching the revolving door of females exiting his dorm room every weekend. He was a bad boy. And I’d kept my distance. I was too good. Too boring. Too inexperienced to ever consider dating him. Now, it was the last semester of senior year. I was interning at a local magazine. There was one position open post graduation. The competition was fierce and I wanted it. Even if it was for a sex columnist and my experience was severely limited. How limited? I was practically a virgin. So what did I have going for me? Well, I was a really great writer. And I was willing to do whatever it took to get hired. Imagine my surprise when I woke up in Wyatt’s bed. Imagine my dismay when I realized we hadn’t slept together. Imagine my shock when he offered to help me win the job. How? One week together. One 50 Item Sex Bucket List. A whole lot of fun. Somehow, I was going to break the bad boy.

In Shadowborne Academy, vampire hunters are trained in self-defense and taught to wield weapons against the enemy. Sometimes the enemy is the vampire. Sometimes the enemy is closer to home. Ash Carter returned to Shadowborne knowing her time there was limited. Her father, head of the council, would never allow her to stay, never permit her to follow her calling. Instead of following his wishes, she decided to follow in his foot steps. Jax Miller’s time at the academy had ended. No longer welcome, he had to sneak around the grounds. This time his purpose had changed. Instead of causing harm, he was intent on doing good. Those who live by the sword, may die by the sword, even at Shadowborne.

Rivals. I was the rich kid from St. Thomas Academy, while Taryn attended Bessemer Bay High, the local public school. We had one perfect night. And because I never made a promise I couldn’t keep, I offered her nothing more. Five years passed. Thanks to family duty, I’d spent those years as a Marine in Afghanistan, the handler of a bomb sniffing dog. One thought carried me through those years: seeing Taryn again. Our reunion was unintentional. Discovering she had a daughter was unexpected. Loving her would mean I finally had the family I’d always wanted. Keeping her would require a bigger transformation than bootcamp. Losing her wasn’t an option.

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