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I was the good girl. Now I’m breaking all the rules for an older man…Who’s my ex’s uncle! Older, sophisticated and sexy as hell, he’s also my new boss. Being the good girl left me unsatisfied. For once I’m going after what I want, even if he’s forbidden. Sparks fly when we can’t agree on anything at work. Fiery kisses lead to scorching nights together. He’s determined to stay away from me because it’s ‘wrong’. I’m shocked to discover I’m pregnant. Now I have the perfect Christmas present for Dominic– The news that we’re having a baby!

All may be merry and bright for the season, but Oliver Young is feeling anything but. He hardly feels like celebrating when he has work to do and he has no one to celebrate with. He lost the woman he thought he would spend all his holiday’s with and he’s been a bit of a Grinch ever since. This holiday, his past comes back to haunt him and ask for a Christmas Miracle. Josie Potter ruined the holidays for Oliver when she refused his marriage proposal five years ago. Every holiday since, she’s lived with that mistake. This year, she is done living with regrets. All she wants for Christmas is the love of her life so she will do whatever it takes–naughty or nice–to win back the man she never stopped loving!

Emmie Andrews is a successful corporate convention planner, whose dream is doing elaborate, fun weddings – but it’s just too risky to leave her solid career. While home for the holidays in North Haven, Vermont, Emmie’s asked to plan a surprise proposal party for her childhood best friend. Emmie’s bursting with splashy, romantic ideas (a Christmas tree covered in wedding bells? a gingerbread house with the engagement ring inside?). The catch: she has to work alongside the groom-to-be’s buddy – bookish Archer Mendez, who believes low-key, spontaneous moments are more special than Emmie’s elaborate plans. This just got more difficult. But Emmie and Archer get to work, both of them extremely invested in pleasing their best friends – even if they don’t agree on how to do that. This is Emmie’s chance to let her inner wedding planner out while Archer prefers going with the flow as he tries to finish his novel that’s due. As they experience all of North Haven’s romantic winter party fun – from snow ice cream to holiday charades – Emmie and Archer discover that love happens, whether you plan for it or not.

What if everything we thought we knew about the fall of the most notorious archangel from history was wrong? Archangel Lucifer has been tasked with avenging slaughtered angels; but in so doing must face his greatest challenge–unbridled temptation. Only ever wanting to be the dutiful son, all things change when he comes face to face with the virgin Goddess of the Hunt. The young goddess wants to become a warrior like her brothers. She finally gets the chance when the Creator himself requests her help on a hunt for an angel killer. Adventure awaits them both as they face many unexpected perils along the way to justice, but the true danger lies closer within… to the desire that once ignited in their hearts could change the course of history in the cosmos forever.

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