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What Happens in Vegas stays in Vegas right? WRONG… He’s mysterious, powerful, and twice my age. After our hot night in Vegas, he left me with two things: One – a lingering desire to touch him. And two – an unexpected baby bump. By day, Antonio is a billionaire tech tycoon. By night, the West Coast Mafia Don. The thought of being watched by his enemies is scary. My only option is to stay by his side, protected and comforted by his strong embrace. But one slip up, and all hell could break loose. The mixture of fear and passion is intoxicating. I need him to keep me and our unborn child safe. If I can’t soften the heart of this notorious crime boss, I could be left to raise our child alone.

When my one-night stand showed up a week later as my new financial analyst, my jaw almost hit the floor. When my best friend introduces her as his daughter, I instantly felt the walls of the conference room closing in. My thoughts keep betraying me. I want to own her in the 3rd floor document storage closet and feel her lips against mine any time she enters my office. This may ruin my friendship but walking away is just not an option. My attraction is overloading my senses, am I in love? If things weren’t complicated enough, she just showed me a positive pregnancy test. Deep down I know what I want, despite our age gap, despite being my best friend’s daughter – I want to claim her as mine forever.

Had I known that this hot, wealthy boss man was my old college roommate’s Dad I would not have gotten so drunk that night at the bar. I regretted that night, not only because I discovered that I was pregnant, but because we agreed … NO NAMES. I knew nothing about him and had no way of contacting him, but no matter how hard I tried I would never be able to forget that night now… Because, he will be working in the corner office, while I will be right down the hall from him trying to fulfill my dream of becoming a partner in the very same law firm… His law firm. All while keeping the secret that I am carrying his illegitimate, billionaire baby. I guess you could say my life was about to get a lot more complicated.

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