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Rachel is stunned to find out she’s being sent to a mysterious elite academy for witches. She should have tried to hide the true extent of her powers, but now it’s too late. She has to leave everything she knows behind and start a new life, far from home. To make things worse, she’s being escorted to the secret location by the guy she just broke up with, and he’s more than a little mad about it. Trapped in a situation that turns deadly fast, her determination to survive is all she has left. She doesn’t expect to be rescued by shifters, and she definitely doesn’t expect to find out they’re her mates. Fate brought them together. Will it tear them apart?

Danger can lurk in the most innocent of places… Holly Miller is seeking a fresh start, but when she narrowly escapes a vicious attack days before Christmas, she’s forced to face the truth—someone is stalking her. Police Chief Aiden James takes pride in protecting the citizens of his hometown. The attack on Holly bothers him in more ways than one, especially since the beautiful social worker has slipped past his defenses and into his heart. Can Aiden and Holly stop her stalker before it’s too late or will this Christmas be her last?

Every fire starts with a spark… Grace: My job is gone, my boyfriend dumped me, and my apartment is up in flames – with me inside it. But maybe life owes me a break… because when my saviour arrives in the form of a mysterious hunk of a fireman, something begins to simmer deep inside of me. I think I’m in love, and I’ve never even seen his face. Rowan: When I rescue Grace from that fire, it isn’t just the adrenaline that’s making my heart go wild. Grace can laugh in the face of death, and she makes me smile like nobody else can. I’m used to dancing with danger, but this is getting all-too-real… She’s a young student who just lost everything. He’s a mysterious firefighter hiding a big secret. Having earned a reputation as closed-off and controlling, Rowan is happy to stick to himself and keep his heart firmly locked up. But when he saves a charming and witty young woman, it ignites his heart in ways he never imagined. Grace is too innocent for his hardened, domineering personality – and she’s over a decade younger. Rowan knows that any relationship is bound to end in heartbreak anyways. But the longer he spends time with her, the more he finds that keeping his hands to himself is impossible… Will the spark between them grow into a passionate and fiery love affair? Or is their unlikely love doomed to burn out? 

My son’s nanny is temptation on legs. A human provoking the wolf in me. I agree to hire a nanny, but I don’t have to like it. I must hide my son, whose existence is evidence that I broke our most primal law—I bred with a human. So, I hire a stranger to protect my secret and my son from the other wolves. But I never expected her. A five foot nothing goddess who awakens my primal, animalistic thoughts. With curves that provoke my alpha and my resolve never to love again. But she comforts my son and claims my heart. And when a rival abducts her, it will take my wolf and pact to protect my fated mate and our unborn child. I only hope…I’m not too late.

To uncover the cause of my sister’s death, I must team up with a grumpy… Tantalizing jerk. My sister and I were inseparable. Her death is labeled natural causes. But I say it’s not… And I have no one to talk about it with. Then I meet Marcus Howard. A brilliant, tall, and strong Ex-SEAL working with the local police force. He’s the man I need. But he doesn’t want to take part in it. Until he sees the suspicious behavior of my sister’s boyfriend. He doesn’t agree with my method. But he does it for me. Sleuthing with Marcus makes it hard to ignore our chemistry. I feel I shouldn’t cross the line. I wish I could resist him. Soon, we’re tangled deep in each other’s arms and the web of my sister’s secrets. And I discover Marcus is keeping secrets of his own…

What’s a poor innocent girl like me doing in this ridiculously expensive and racy dress? Better yet… why am I flirting with my hot, big-bodied professor like I’m auditioning for a role in an adult film? Well… those are good questions. Let me know when you have an answer. My mother raised me better than this… I swear she did. She raised me to have pride and believe in myself, even if we lived on the wrong side of the tracks. Life was hard and the struggles were real, but my mom saved every penny she could to send me to college. It’s a community college, but still more than I could ever hope for. Imagine my surprise when a trio of rich girls decides I’m ‘worthy’ and takes me under their wing. Suddenly I’m thrust into a world that always seemed beyond my reach. Some of their antics are a little too high school for me, but I go along, excited to be accepted for once. But then the games go too far. They want me to seduce our tough, no-nonsense professor, laying a trap to get him fired. He’d never resist a sweet virgin like me, they said. All I have to do is act like I’m into him, record him coming on to me, and BAM… a new teacher. I don’t have to go any further—my innocence will remain intact. It’s wrong—I know it is, but I go along with their scheme. Only I have an ulterior motive. I want the big, burly professor to see me as more than just another student. I want him to claim me as his. Until he does, I have to keep this ruse going. Because if he finds out the truth… who knows what price I’ll have to pay? 

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