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I dreamed of seeing my one night stand again but never as my new boss. I thought the new painting job my best friend got me would be easy money. Instead, it’s an easy way to fall for Dr. Noah Wright, the town’s hottest doctor. He’s confident, complicated, and old enough to be my father. But he’s the first man since my ex-boyfriend to make me reconsider pursuing love. If only I can escape my past and he can put aside his fears for the future. Meanwhile, we take advantage of the present with stolen kisses in his office and heated nights in his king-sized bed. When our passion hits its peak, I’m reminded that what goes up must come down. I hope he’s ready to face his fears for me… Because there’s a baby on the way.

Maddy: Love is the last thing Madison Page needs when she returns to the Hamptons. After her previous failures at Christmas romance, her heart is closed for business. Until yummy pastry-shop owner Jerrell Rouse bumps into her on the street. She fights their saucy attraction, but Maddy is falling into sweet bliss. Can she get over her painful past, and accept the delicious gifts Jerrell has waiting for her? Jerrell: Wall Street banker turned entrepreneur, Jerrell Rouse, must solve a big problem if he wants his struggling business to survive. When he runs into Madison Page, he learns she is the sexy political powerbroker with the right connections to get him out of a jam. But the more time he spends with her, the harder it is to focus on business. Now Jerrell faces a painful choice — either his new company, or Maddy.

I swear I wasn’t that obsessed. I wouldn’t have called it an obsession at all. But a year ago, I was just a girl with the start of a crush. Everything that happened that night was just the luck of the draw. I wound up a little bruised—fine, a little broken—and intoxicated by a man I couldn’t have. The Crush is a prequel novella leading into The RSVP.

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