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Mr. Gorgeous Billionaire has a proposition for me. Getting paid handsomely to pretend to be his wife in private island games for the rich… Too good to be true, you say? My son needs surgery. Fast. Also, I need money. And for his ex-con of a father to stop stalking and harassing me. Now charming but reclusive billionaire, Davin Vagnar, needs a fake wife for a crazy game of survival. I would fly to an island paradise and be stuck with him for three entire weeks… And collect a huge paycheck. I can’t possibly say no… There’s only one condition: place in the top six couples. I can do that. I’ve been tough all my life. But what about my heart? The deal didn’t involve falling for Davin. His muscular build, enticing grin and intoxicating proximity make it hard to stay firm. His piercing gaze makes me think he’s starting to feel it too. But before I can worry about our budding love, things get really dicey. Now I worry if this island may be the death of me… 

The Grinch ain’t got nothing on me. The only good and green thing about Christmas is the money it rakes in. I’m not interested in carols, candies, or dealing with extra-Christmassy type people. Until I hire one. A hot college student joins my design team. She makes up for her annoying jovial spirit with her sexy curves. And her willingness to give herself to me. If only that was enough. When it comes to business, she hasn’t got a clue. Or does she? Clients love her and the Christmas spirit is practically a pillar of her personality. Luckily, that spirit doesn’t keep her off the naughty list. She knows how to be bad for me, and it’s so good. What I didn’t expect was for her to help heal parts of me that have been broken for a long time. Maybe Christmas won’t be so bad this year. Maybe profit margins and growth don’t matter half as much as getting the girl. Maybe it’s time to give up my bad boy bachelor status? Or maybe not… 

He’s a rock star with deadly secrets. She’s a mafia princess yearning for freedom. Nick Tennant, the affable guitar hero of Muse of Darkness, has severed ties with his mobster family a lifetime ago. When he meets dazzling Angela, he knows she’s the only woman he wants by his side for the rest of his life. Too bad her father’s goons want to make sure that’s a very short time. Angela Silvieri has led a sheltered life. Between boarding schools and her dad’s bodyguards, she’s rarely allowed to venture into the real world. A fundraiser for an honorable cause becomes the perfect ticket out of her gilded prison. When the bosses of the Irish and the Italian mafia vie to turn their love-at-first-sight story into a tale of murder, Nick and Angela must find a place to hide. How will they manage that if he’s a rockstar? Can Nick forsake his lifelong dream for a woman he’s just met? Can Angela trust her life into the hands of a man who’s been lying to everyone for years? 

He’s a lonely mountain man who never lets anybody get too close. But this Christmas, a curvy ray of sunshine is about to set his cold heart on fire. Holly: Frozen Peak is a perfect winter wonderland, but I’m all alone out here…except for Erik. He’s the mysterious mountain man who owns the cabin I’m renting for the holidays. Erik seems like a loner who keeps to himself, and I don’t expect to see him at all during my trip. So imagine my surprise when the brawny giant of a man bursts into my cabin uninvited…while I’m taking a shower. Erik: I’m used to people renting my cabin for the holidays, but I was not expected my latest guest to be a stunning beauty with curves for days. Despite the cold winter air, things hot up fast between us. I’ve never felt so possessive…so obsessed… But her stay is only temporary, and she’s heading back home to Florida after the holidays. Somehow, I need to prove to her that what we have isn’t just for Christmas…it’s forever. 

Three sexy rock stars. Three headstrong heroines. A sizzling romance series that hits you with all the happy ever after feels. Three interconnected standalones with sexy and swoon worthy heroes, strong female leads, witty banter, practical jokes and combustible chemistry. Bright and ambitious Marin Collins needs to stick to her “no workplace romance” policy and resist the sexy and nerdy rock star who is her new client. Brad Osterhauser, the reluctant guitarist who would rather be coding computer games than penning Grammy-nominated songs, finds his outlook on band life improve immensely when he’s smitten by the smart and stunning PR executive who joins the tour. Traveling by bus, city to city with a group of practical joking bandmates and a greedy manager, will music save or sink their forbidden romance? Lead singer Jase, burned-out from the pressures of life on the road, is called to his small hometown for a funeral. Sparks fly when he’s reunited (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

A paranormal fairy tale re-telling… of vampires, captivity, and love. They said that Once Upon a Time, Cinderella resided with her monstrous stepmother, ugly stepsisters, and led a life of cruel drudgery, until one day, a fairy godmother helped her attend a ball, where she met a charming prince and lived happily ever after. But what if he was a dark prince? A vampire? And Ella the daughter of his maid? What if he wanted Ella to birth his children? Could not wait for a taste of her sweet chaste desire… After six years of captivity with her cruel father and stepfamily, will Ella wish to be free, or will she tie herself to Beau for eternity?

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