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Spend the evening with a cowboy… or eight in this clean and Christian cowboy romance boxed set by bestselling authors! Escape to the quieter life on a ranch, with a cowboy hero who knows how to treat a woman right. They work hard, they shoot straight, and they love deep. Grab this boxed set and read COWBOYS FOREVER!

Last Chance Ranch by Liz Isaacson
Heart of Clay by Shanna Hatfield
Homecoming by Carolyne Aarsen
Home for Christmas by Melissa McClone
Broken Ranch by Bonnie R. Paulson
Hometown Hero by Kari Trumbo
On His Bended Knee by Shanae Johnson
The Cowboy’s One and Only by April Murdock

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I’m knocked up by my billionaire boss and he has no idea he’s my baby daddy… He called me into his office, furious that I was late for work. It ended up in torn off clothes and me getting pinned to his desk, I was angry and excited at the same time. He’s rude. Arrogant and Dramatic. Also dangerously hot and the kind of man I should know better than to give the time of day. Now my career and everything I’ve worked for are at risk because of him. I’m “totally screwed” – no pun intended. Late for work is one thing… Now I’m late in a whole other way, staring at two blue lines on the test in my hand…

These hot bikers are called Knights for a reason. Get in their way and meet your maker. Guardian: As the sergeant-at-arms of the Alpha Knights MC, it’s my job to protect the omegas we save from the twisted men who abuse them. It’s a bloody, violent job, but I’m damn good at it. I’ve never been tempted by any of the broken women we rescue until Vienna lands in my lap. She’s more damaged than the others, but with a spark of fire that calls to me. I know from the second she locks eyes with me, she’s my mate. And I’d walk through hell to keep her safe. Vienna: I know exactly what alphas are. Vicious, heartless, and deaf to my pleas to stop. The bruises on my body are a testament to their cruelty. But why do the Knights kill my abuser? And why is Guardian gentle and caring? The badass, tattooed biker looks at me like I’m more than what’s between my legs. Like I’m precious. Like I’m his. The warmth in my chest tells me we’re bonded, but can I be brave enough to let him in when all alphas do is hurt me?

Max Katz wasn’t expecting an instant attraction to the town’s bubbly newcomer, nor was he planning on breaking rules when he discovers she is his new client… I have a strict rule about dating clients—I don’t. It’s the reason I pride myself as the local real estate guru in Sage Creek, Colorado, and I plan to keep it that way. It’s also a reason why I stick to asking for the number of the beauty I meet at the local bar Matchbox—because said beauty isn’t my client. Until she is. Harper Ives enjoys making my job difficult. The free-spirited new local teacher is every fantasy come true, including the one about the kindergarten teacher ready to school me. Yeah… I may need to consider an amendment to my rules. Love at first sight is an understatement. But when you fall hard and fast, then something is bound to go wrong. Especially in this town…

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