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“No big deal. We’ll destroy the wedding certificate and annul the marriage.” Yes, if only everything was as simple as Mister “I make the world the way I like it” Aaron Steel thinks it is. The billionaire CEO is used to getting what he wants. Like me, in this case… His new secretary, who turned him down in college several years ago. And for good reason: This Casanova changes his women more often than people change their underwear. Yet years later, I depend on him to pay my bills. To be able to even bear the presence of this arrogant guy on the company trip to Vegas, I drink more tequila than I should. Much more. And wake up in Aaron’s bed the next morning – with one thing missing from my life, my innocence. And as if that wasn’t bad, I apparently married that jerk. Of course, we can get the marriage annulled. But how will Aaron react to the unexpected surprise? That I’m now carrying his baby…

This Collection includes: Grumpy Protector – An Enemies-to-Lovers Romantic Suspense, Wanted Protector – A Pregnancy Enemies-to-Lovers Romance, Faking It with my Protector – A Billionaire Enemies-to-Lovers Suspenseful Romance. Grumpy Protector: To uncover the cause of my sister’s death, I must team up with a grumpy… Tantalizing jerk. My sister and I were inseparable. Her death is labeled natural causes. But I say it’s not… Then I meet Marcus Howard, a brilliant, tall and strong Ex-SEAL. Sleuthing with him makes it hard to ignore our chemistry. I feel I shouldn’t cross the line… I wish I could resist him. Soon, we’re tangled deep in each other’s arms and the web of my sister’s secrets. And I discover Marcus is keeping secrets of his own… Wanted Protector: Never sleep with a billionaire on the Mafia’s Wanted list. Especially if you get pregnant… And they use your baby bump to catch him. I’ve never been a fan of arrogant Ares. His billionaire-playboy’s hazel eyes and chiseled body had no effect on me… Until it does. The thing is, he’s a wanted man… By the Mafia. So he brings me to his secured penthouse for my protection. But I don’t want to bind my life to his. So I run, not knowing I’m pregnant. By the time I realize, (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

He’s a rockstar with dark issues. She’s a pop singer with a promising career. When Logan Maine started his band, becoming a household name was a distant dream. In came Erik Crawford, and the rest was history. Muse of Darkness brought him fame, fortune, and fans. Millions of them, eager to jump in his bed. Yet the only woman he wants has other plans. Allyson Howard has struggled to sneak a foot in the doorway of the music industry for years. Tired of the same old gigs, she’s taken a leap of faith that’s beginning to pay off. The last thing she needs is taking her eyes off the grand prize, not even for a second. However, a chance encounter leads to an unforgettable one-night stand of passion. And when Logan comes back for more, Ally’s well-laid plans go out the window. Now, his old shenanigans might cost her the recording deal of a lifetime. Ally must decide if her love for Logan is worth risking it all.

She could almost hear the fish laughing at her.. Cody Ryan’s father never missed fishing the annual Loon Lake tournament until his unexpected passing. This year, Cody packs up her how-to fishing videos and her dad’s old johnboat and gives him one final entry. Gage Connor needs some R&R away from his coast guard deployment catching drug smugglers along the Louisiana coast, so he borrows a bass boat from his buddy and heads to Loon, Alabama to do some fishing. When Gage and Cody meet at Loon Lake, their attraction is immediate and intense—until the two discover there is only one boat slip left on the lake and they both need it, and there’s only one vacant hotel room left in Loon and they both want it. And so, their competition begins. Both vow to keep their distance from the other for their own peace of mind, but fate has other plans. The tournament pairing party picks the two-man teams and chooses Gage as Cody’s partner. For two days. Alone on a boat. Working as a team. Good things come to those who bait…

For me, family is everything, so I cannot fall for the enemy. With six siblings and a failing ad agency, I’m single by choice. I have no room in my life for men, especially not friend-of-the-family MLB pitcher Austin Callaway. He’s probably got all sorts of ways to hit home runs. But with other women and, thankfully, not with me. I thought I’d never have to talk to him again, but to save my family’s ad agency, I take one last swing and make a deal with the devil. Austin needs me to act as his pseudo-nurse. Talk about a curveball. Why would I ever do that? If I do, he’ll give me a deal that will save our family business, and just like that, all my problems will be solved, right? Wrong. Because Austin is always there. Which means Austin is always close by. Always with me. Always smiling, like he’s about to steal home base. That smile will be the end of me. I could fall for him. Madly. Deeply. And completely. And that alone is the reason I can’t date him. My family can never find out what play made the difference, not when his sister destroyed my brother’s life. How can I finally find happiness when hate and love are about to collide?

Not all bad things happen in threes, even fours–maybe even fives. Society tells us we must choose, but what happens when our hearts disagree? I thought I could fit into that small box of monogamy, but I couldn’t. My heart was cracked into pieces, and they each held a piece of me hostage. I was theirs to keep. And they were mine to choose. Loving them was easy, but surviving them was hard. Twenty-one authors have come together to bring you EIGHTEEN steamy stories that will leave you breathless and wanting more. Whether you prefer contemporary romance, paranormal, fantasy, or sci-fi, there’s something here for everyone. Or don’t choose, and read them all!

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