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Tall, dark, startlingly handsome, and over ten years older… My new boss was a giant, sexy distraction. No wonder I panicked during the job interview, babbling about how a quiet holiday was the best I could hope for. That obviously wasn’t going to happen now. Tristan was caught up in every trifling detail, keeping me on my toes, yet exciting me. I’d never craved someone’s touch. Never felt true desire, or wanted someone to make me feel special. That was precisely what he did, surprising me at a friend’s holiday party. His sweetness was the cherry (well, raspberries) on top of a festive season that was even more layered than my favorite holiday dessert. But like the whipped cream and pudding, I can’t expect perfection to last for long.

Vampires don’t get a happily ever after. Over the centuries, Eric Collins learned that the hard way, which is why he has sworn off the idea of companionship and throws himself into his job as a detective. But his plan for a peaceful, solitary existence is disrupted the night he saves Chase Turner, a fellow cop, from being murdered. Aside from the once-dormant feelings Chase stirs up, Eric has a bigger problem. There’s another vampire in Chase’s life whose intentions are even less noble than his own. If Eric leaves Chicago, Chase is as good as dead. But if he stays, he’ll end up in a war with the rest of the city’s vampires and Chase might become a casualty after all. Falling in love with his partner was never part of Chase Turner’s career goals. He already has two strikes against him at Chicago PD — the last thing he needs is a third. The son of an infamous Internal Affairs commander and the survivor of a shootout that left his partner dead, Chase is trying his best to keep a low profile until the heat blows over. Then he’s reassigned to Eric Collins’ division, the detective who saved him from certain death. Despite the fact Chase’s life is a complete mess, Eric is the only one who seems to think there’s light at the end of the tunnel. (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

I’ve never been a fan of Christmas. At least, until I met David. Aside from some alpha bear issues he has with an opposing family that insists on sabotaging his business, he’s a good, dependable guy. Someone I could easily see myself falling in love with. He’s strong, charming, kind… and he’s also a little obsessed with the festive side of Christmas. Something I am not. I was planning to spend my Christmas alone this year. I didn’t want to see my family, and be reminded of why I never fit in. Thought I’d be just fine by myself. Having David around, though is turning all my ideas upside down. I want to be closer to him. Get to know him more – and support him against the rival bear family that seeks to drag him down. Hell – maybe Christmas can be fun, after all… This Collection Includes: A Bear for Thanksgiving, A Dragon for Thanksgiving, A Bear for Christmas, A Dragon for Christmas, A Polar Bear for Christmas, & A Snow Leopard for Christmas.

This Collection includes: Grumpy Protector – An Enemies-to-Lovers Romantic Suspense, Wanted Protector – A Pregnancy Enemies-to-Lovers Romance, Faking It with my Protector – A Billionaire Enemies-to-Lovers Suspenseful Romance. Grumpy Protector: To uncover the cause of my sister’s death, I must team up with a grumpy… Tantalizing jerk. My sister and I were inseparable. Her death is labeled natural causes. But I say it’s not… Then I meet Marcus Howard, a brilliant, tall and strong Ex-SEAL. Sleuthing with him makes it hard to ignore our chemistry. I feel I shouldn’t cross the line… I wish I could resist him. Soon, we’re tangled deep in each other’s arms and the web of my sister’s secrets. And I discover Marcus is keeping secrets of his own… Wanted Protector: Never sleep with a billionaire on the Mafia’s Wanted list. Especially if you get pregnant… And they use your baby bump to catch him. I’ve never been a fan of arrogant Ares. His billionaire-playboy’s hazel eyes and chiseled body had no effect on me… Until it does. The thing is, he’s a wanted man… By the Mafia. So he brings me to his secured penthouse for my protection. But I don’t want to bind my life to his. So I run, not knowing I’m pregnant. By the time I realize, (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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