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I knew having a pretend relationship with a pro athlete, wild cowboy would get dicey. To make it worse, he’s my brother’s billionaire best friend. Now, I’ve caused a family feud, and I think I’m in love… Judge: Women have always thrown themselves at me. It comes with the territory of being a Parker, one of the wealthiest ranching families in America, but after my team won the World Series, the attention from the ladies has gone off the Richter. So when my best friend’s sister Vivi needed my help to get a promotion at Friendbook, and I needed hers, to get a certain someone off my back, a fake engagement seemed like the perfect plan, especially since it was my buddy’s idea. But now our little game has gone off the rails. I’m dreaming about her day and night. Vivi thinks I’m still playing pretend, but now that I’ve had a taste of her, I’m obsessed. I’ll tear down every wall to have her. I’m in love and the game isn’t over. I have one more wild card left to play. If I win, Vivi will be mine forever. 

Retired hockey star Remington Knight is back on top… and he intends to stay that way. After having everything, losing it all and then getting it back, his only focus is preparing for the inaugural season of his new professional hockey team. Taking a detour to the quaint little town of Garland Grove, British Columbia where Remy just inherited an ice arena he didn’t even know his father owned, is a distraction he can’t afford right now. The plan is simple… get in, hire a realtor, and get the hell out before Christmas. Bad luck follows Noelle Burrier around like a lost puppy. She’s barely getting by, living in her car and working a dead-end job at the concession stand of the local hockey rink. When the arena’s hotshot new owner comes in ready to sell, she finds herself on thin ice, desperate to make him see more than dollar signs. The more time they spend together, the harder it is to keep their distance and deny the fire building between them. With Remy just passing through, and Noelle stuck where she is, will they find the magic of Christmas together or will her knight in shining armor skate off into the sunset, leaving her alone in the cold?  

Grab a cup of cocoa and curl up by the fire to enjoy this holiday collection! Six Christmas and New Year romances in one collection. Snowed In For Christmas: Catherine “Candy” Rockefeller hates Christmas but when she gets snowed in with Forrest, will he be able to change her mind about his favorite holiday? Stuffing Her Stocking: Beau is the least cheerful person in Christmas, Michigan. Then he saves Holly after her car slides off the road. One look into her green eyes and it feels like his tiny Grinch heart just grew three sizes. Will Beau be able to convince Holly that he’s the man for her and that she should stay in Christmas with him forever? Mistletoe Kisses: Noel works for Mason and they both have too much to lose to start a relationship, but when they kiss under the mistletoe at work, they both can’t deny their feelings any longer. Will a sprig of mistletoe be enough to get these two to see that they’re both crazy about each other? A Very Mountain Man Christmas: Ledger has been in love with Tilly since she got to town. When a car accident scrambles his brain and has him thinking that they’re married, will he get what he (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

Who says you can’t find your soulmate when you’re five-years-old? Melissa “Missy” Green and Noah “Shep” Shepherd’s fates were sealed as childhood sweethearts one fateful day on the playground when they were just kids. When she’s forced to leave Shepherd Grove, Texas by Noah’s spiteful, wealthy parents after high school, Missy’s world is shattered. Leaving Texas, her family, and Noah behind, she shoves her heartbreak aside and creates a successful life for herself in Boston. After ten years, Missy returns to attend her sister’s baby shower. The attraction between her and Shep is undeniable, but she’s torn. Is she open to a second chance at love or are the wounds of the past too deep to ignore?

It might be cold outside, but things are heating up indoors. Will secret wishes and filthy dreams come true when 14 dirty-talking heroes and their sassy women find themselves Snowed In this Christmas?

After fifteen years, life gives me a second chance with my first love. But he doesn’t know we have a son. I struggle to create a stable life for my boys when I see Keyon. A towering presence with broad shoulders, strong arms, and a common-sense-melting smile. His laughter carries across the room, and I can’t breathe. He’s back. Suddenly, I’m hot, clammy, and scared. It’s been fifteen since I last saw him, and I still get butterflies. One look from those dark eyes and my body remembers everything. A flame rekindles. There is no way I can face him. I betrayed him. The only man that made me feel safe and secure. The man who owns me, heart and soul. And now he’s trying to create a new life after a medical discharge from the military. My fifteen-year-old secret could turn his world upside down. I promised to move on. But I never promised not to have our son. Life offers a second chance, and I want it, but I need more than unforgettable nights. I need to know if Keyon accepts that our son needs his father and that he’s about to be a father again.

He was only assigned to protect her for the week, but his heart wanted to protect her forever. Deklan Quinton is a blazing hot hero who has more than earned his reputation as the Crown’s top agent. He is fearless, resourceful, and always successful because he never allows his feelings to interfere with his assignments. But now he has met Grace Montford and his heart will not stop getting in the way of duty. Grace’s brother has stolen a priceless crown from a foreign royal house, and Deklan has one week to retrieve it in order to save Grace’s life. She is caught in the middle of this royal intrigue and all sides are determined to use her as their pawn. But as he takes Grace on the run in search of that stolen crown, he knows whatever the outcome of their search, he will never turn her over to anyone, for he has fallen in love with her. However, his heart has grown so cold and hard over the years, can Grace ever love him back? Grace Montford, beautiful daughter of a viscount, was expected to make a brilliant debut in the upcoming Season. Instead she is disgraced, shunned by her friends, and chased by foreign agents who want to take her (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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