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On the fourth day of Christmas my true love came to be my best friend. Mila Masters has her life figured out. Writing splashy stories by day while she writes dirty ditties at night, she knows better to want for more. Unless it’s the love and adoration it seems everyone else is finding. Sweet, forever after love is for romance books, not real life. Or maybe she has had the best book boyfriend right in front of her. Micah Townes busted his ass to get his life right. A troubled youth means he takes nothing for granted. Especially the most important person in his life, Mila. Even if he wants more from her, he knows not to ask at the risk of losing her. A double date raises the stakes of their friendship—which maybe is not just a friendship after all.

He’s a rockstar with wild secrets. She’s a broken woman with a dark past. When Wes Baron’s sexy rocker antics jeopardizes his position with Muse of Darkness, the band manager books him as the main attraction at a fundraiser. Celebrities and good causes. What could go wrong? Too bad the strict head of the orphanage despises rockstars. Even worse, Wes can’t wait to make her beg… for his help. Maria Augusto has saved her precious kids before without resorting to groveling. She won’t start now just to please a selfish rock’n’roller. Rumor has it, Wes engages only in the wildest, sexiest parties and Maria has put her unbridled days behind her. She can do without him just fine. If only she could get rid of the attraction as well. But as their sparks of hatred at first sight transmute into flames of desire, Maria and Wes will discover if their passion between the sheets can last forever. Or if their differences in real life will drive them apart. If they don’t make a decision fast, they will both lose everything they’ve worked hard to accomplish.

They hate me. I hate them. And now we have to spend the whole week together. I didn’t even know Brady, Cole, and Gideon when I said some unkind things about them on my popular social media account. But hey, a girl’s allowed to blow off steam every once in a while, right? But then they get their revenge. They publicly challenge me in front of my followers, so I can’t back down. Now I have to leave my sleek Chicago apartment and stay with them at their little backwoods’ inn. The gorgeous men are determined to show me that they can out-perform all my high-tech toys, even the battery-operated ones. But if they think they’re going to win me over with chiseled physiques and small-town charm, the joke’s on them. Even if Brady really is as good-natured and kind as he seems. Even if under Cole’s gruff exterior, there’s a true desire to help people. Even if—well, Gideon actually is the smug jerk I thought he was, but once he takes his shirt off, I forget all about his arrogance. To my surprise, the week flies by, and we go from enemies to… well, lovers. But we live in completely different worlds, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to bridge the gap. Whoever said that love conquers all was full of it!

The hero next door is exactly what the doctor ordered to mend these wounded hearts. Some of us may dream of knights in shining armor, but in this limited edition romance collection our characters learn that the blue collar, everyday heroes are the ones who will rescue their wounded hearts and sweep them off their feet. From the heat that’s felt being near a fireman, to the thrill of being with a police officer who knows their way around some handcuffs, this collection will have readers seeing that the real happily ever after might come from the hero next door. Jump into the Everyday Heroes series today with this collection. Each story contained inside its pages features a swoon worthy romance with happy ever after.

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