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Imagine being snowed in with four hot successful men. P.S. they’ve all played the hero in too many of your naughtiest dreams. Problem is, you work for them, and that makes them off-limits. Except now they’re looking at you like you’re Santa’s cookies. And they definitely want to take a bite. Talk about making you reconsider your life choices. These four are aiming for Santa’s naughty list, and I’m pretty sure I’m getting: Jace, Reed, Alec, and Cole for Christmas. It might’ve started as a decorating job. But it ended Tangled in Tinsel.

My life is nothing like the movies we make at the studio where I work–especially not when it comes to relationships. Which means that there will be absolutely NO romance between me and Case, the grumpy exec I’ve had a crush on from our very first not-so-meet-cute. We’re simply two coworkers scouting the town of Sheet Cake, Texas as a location for filming. That’s it. Though, to be honest, I’m suspicious of why Case came on this trip at all. Whatever the reason, there will be no Christmas magic, and definitely NO mistletoe kisses. But when Case actually starts talking to me–gasp!–and reveals the humor and kindness buried beneath his gruff persona, my little crush explodes into something a lot harder to hide. Except he’s harboring secrets of his own. And I’m starting to wonder if his cagey behavior is because he’s planning to take credit for my (admittedly brilliant) idea to make this town our central filming hub. He’s not that kind of man … right? All I wanted for Christmas was a promotion, and now I’m falling for the man who might be trying to steal it.

Oakley Collins thought her internship with a county judge was her ticket to getting into a great law school. Instead, it got her talked onto the back of Kendrick “Doc” Lawson’s bike when she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. As the Silver Saints’ fixer, Doc had a reputation for keeping calm in any situation. Until he stumbled across the beautiful college student while breaking into the judge’s chambers, looking for proof that he was crooked. Then his mission took a backseat to keeping the woman he planned to claim safe.

I often wonder why some people have all the luck while others have none. I found out the hard way that I was in the second category. When my husband dies of an overdose while banging my best friend, a long list of unfortunate events unravels before me. I believed I was leaving behind all the devastation that tore my world to shreds. I was wrong. When my beloved uncle left me a vast inheritance, it came just in time to help me make my escape. But nowhere in the paperwork did it mention anything about inheriting his enemies, too. I’ve caught the eye of more than one local man, but I’m no longer interested in being tied down. Little do they know, change is inevitable. These men will have to stay out of my way or learn to reap what they sow.

Tanner Steele: Sometimes I feel like my story is written in the lyrics of those sad, old country songs my mother used to sing to me on her “good” days. The boy from the wrong side of the tracks. A beat-up truck on the road to nowhere. Fate intervened in the form of my best friend and his family. The Whitlocks lived in a big house up on the hill that looked like a castle. I spent every minute I could there. And, just like a real castle, there was a princess. Sterling Whitlock, the girl I should have loved like a little sister. I thought I did. Until she turned eighteen, and looked at me with shining eyes, congratulating me on Kingmaker getting our first recording deal. I was lost. But she’s my best friend’s sister. The daughter of the people I owed my life to. So, I swore I’d never touch her. Never stain her perfect skin with whatever dirt I couldn’t shake off when I left my old neighborhood. But on the night of her eighteenth birthday, I slipped and since then, I’ve stayed away. I’m the lead singer of the biggest rock band in the world. Her brother doesn’t know it, but every song I’ve ever written has been for her. And now she’s coming on tour with us. Her mama’s asked me to watch over her, but I don’t think she meant it the way I do. Obsessively. I’m on a razor’s edge and Sterling keeps pushing my control to its very limits. 

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