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Happy holidays! Dad’s dead. Diana hasn’t been home since the funeral, but when her sister, Liv, called with “big news,” she loaded her car and drove back to Colorado for Christmas. Things at home are strained, her sister is distant, and Diana is unsure how to celebrate the holiday spirit without resurfacing memories of their dead dad. However, everything changes when her friend invites her to a family dinner and exposes the secret of werewolves. As if that wasn’t mind blowing enough, she also has three mates that start asking about things she’s not ready to talk about. Carter and Reed have their moments, but Atticus is demanding, intense, and cold. Not only must she face the hurdles of the holiday season with volunteer work, obligated family drama, and bad Christmas mashups, but now she’s also risking losing her fated soulmates if she doesn’t accept them by the last full moon before the solstice. She has two weeks. Ghosts of the holidays past are coming back, but this time, Diana isn’t backing down. Will she be able to stand and face the fight, or will she turn and run again? One thing’s for certain, she’s Walking In a Wolfy Wonderland.

Another lonely holiday, a personal hell for Officer Sinacore. But then a red-haired angel appears… Christmas should be the loveliest time of year, but the drunken antics of the local Councilman are causing trouble for the boys in blue. And for those who are alone this holiday, like Officer Jaden Sinacore, it’s nothing more than another day on his regular patrol. Jaden had already arrested the Councilman several times, but the man knows enough powerful people to walk every time. When he pulls duty for the Holiday Festival, Officer Sinacore dreads another encounter with the man, another opportunity to ruin the holidays. Instead, Jaden has a chance meeting with a stunning red-headed city worker handing out hot coffee and cocoa. He spends the rest of his duty keeping the peace and keeping up with Jena. And their chance meeting leads to something hotter than a mug of cocoa. Jena’s excitement over dating a sexy cop consumes her whole holiday. Her encounters with her hot cop in uniform are nothing compared to how the couple heat up the sheets. Handcuffs included. They are giddy with each other. It seems like the perfect Christmas. Even the councilman appears to be taking a holiday break. Until the night of the city holiday party. Then with a surprise turn, the drunk Councilman’s actions lead to catastrophe. Can Officer Sinacore save the holiday party and keep Jena’s heart? 

Christmas comes once a year, but Eve will be coming every night! I get what I want. But my hot bodyguard knows every little sweet thing my body needs this Christmas. It’s Christmas eve, just another day for me. Staying home to unwrap presents in an empty home isn’t my idea of fun. Hanging out with friends, making bad choices and losing my pesky V card seems like the better option. At least I won’t be alone. Until he shows up. Captain Dyson is everything you imagine a former Marine to be. Sinfully gorgeous, intimidating AF, and deliciously hard all over. Just the kind of man you never want to tick off. Of course, it’s my new favorite hobby when he thinks he’ll be dragging me home for another empty Christmas with my scrooge father. But the arrogant Marine has no intentions of waiting for my permission. When a freak snowstorm lands us secluded and all alone, it’s just me, my handsome well-dressed bodyguard, a handful of those bad ideas I mentioned. And a whole lot of snow. It doesn’t take me long to learn I like the way my guard uses his body to warm me up by the fire and chase away the wintery chills. Suddenly Christmas isn’t looking so bad after all. You see, I’ve made a list and he’s checking it twice. If I’m naughty he’s promised I’ll get every inch of my present. My bodyguard is about to find out his sweet Eve is more naughty than nice.

Everyone seems to be in love but me. Why is that? Relationship after relationship, and nothing. I’m always the bridesmaid, but never the bride. It’s getting old. Fast. And just when I start to give up, he walks into my life. Sexy, strong, older. The father of one of my students. It’s against the rules to feel the way I do about him, but I can’t help myself. A single father with a sexy demeanor and deep pockets. But that’s not what gets me about him. It’s the way he looks at me. As if he already owns me. The relationship can be our little secret. Or can it?

A billionaire with a dark obsession. A good girl with everything to lose. A twisted love that defies all odds. Aston knew the moment he set eyes on her that she would be his. He’s possessive. Hungry. Alpha. He can’t rest until he’s claiming her with everything he’s got, no holding back. Only problem was: Hailey wasn’t ready. She saw him as the rich, billionaire bad boy. She gives him her body, but guards her heart. But each enthralling encounter draws her in. He leaves her gasping for breath every time, and she feels herself starting to fall for him. Will she love his flaws and his secrets too?

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