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The Billionaire’s Fake Marriage: I asked her to marry me to save my company, I never thought I would fall in love with her. Ryan: My company, my life’s work, everything I’ve accomplished is on the line. I need to get married and fast. It will be easy to consider it a business arrangement. One that will be lucrative for both my assistant, Mika, and myself. I won’t think about how this takes away the whole problem of dating an employee. But it doesn’t take away my desire to make her mine. Mika: My career was all that mattered to me and getting ahead. When Ryan gives me an opportunity of a lifetime, I can’t say no. But that was before I became his wife. That was before I moved in with him. That was before I started to fall in love with him. Now I want to find a way to stay with him forever. 

The Billionaire’s Temporary Marriage: I only needed her to be with me for a year, but how do I convince her to stay? Cole: No one knows me better than Faith. When I’m in the biggest fight of my life. She is the only one I think to turn to. It was only supposed to be temporary. I never imagined I would fall in love with her.  (Read the full blurb over on Amazon)

Eve: Life was perfect until the hellhound next door took a shine to my kitty, keeping me up all night. Being the new weather girl, I’m feeling the heat, though I’m more bothered than hot with the annoyingly handsome gym instructor. My neighbour. Another dirty dog. He’s a pain in my neck, but I really want him to be a pain in my a— Lusty_Liam is his handle, not that I’ve stalked him… much. Dating a shirtless social media influencer doesn’t fit with my wholesome TV persona. But I don’t want another lonely Christmas playing with my kitty. Liam: From the moment my dog, Diesel, ploughed into Eve, I wanted to get in on the action. She’s adorable, curvy, funny and would be practically perfect if she’d swallow her poor opinion of me so I can stuff her mouth with something better. The festive season is my chance to catch her under the mistletoe. Once she sees I’m not just a celebrity behind a hashtag, I’ll have her and her ginger kitty eating out of my hand. I have the perfect present for her. She just needs to unwrap it.

Leo: I hide in my Vermont cottage so nobody can see me. I’ve seen the stares. I read their contemplation in their inquisitive expressions-how did I get those scars? I refuse to spend the holidays with my parents as I’ll bring everyone down. Worried about me, they send a caretaker. That’s not going to happen. I’ll turn her away at my front door. When Rosanna arrives, she’s not the matron I expect. She’s young, pretty and curvy. And she comes with food to prepare dinner. Hmm, it’s been a long time since I had a home-cooked meal. Maybe I can tolerate her here for just one night. Rosanna: I’ll do anything to avoid spending another Christmas with my stepfamily and this temporary job gives me an excuse. When I arrive at the remote stone cottage in the woods, I’m stopped by a man with a scarred face and deep scowl. Leo turns me away. He didn’t agree to this arrangement. I don’t have a backup plan. What am I going to do? Fortunately, the groceries I brought to prepare dinner buy me some time. Leo agrees to let me cook for him (how generous) and to stay for one night. Only we’re hit with more snow than expected, and I’m stuck there if I don’t want to freeze to death. Leo will let me stay on one condition-never enter his studio.

Life is sweet for an NHL god, and I’ve got it all figured out, except for one thing. Rather, one woman: Joy Vasquez. I’ve wanted her since high school. She hates my guts. She comes by it naturally as our feuding families were determined to keep us apart from the start no matter how many sparks fly when we’re together. We were born enemies and now that she’s moved to my town and I see her everywhere I go, all I can think of is making her mine no matter how much our families will hate the match. Seeing Joy at the rink is both pleasure and pain, a blessing and a curse, a constant reminder of everything I don’t have and shouldn’t want. The problem now is convincing her to give me a chance and put aside old wounds, especially after I get a taste of her. On the ice or off, chemistry has never been our problem. With our high school reunion looming ahead, I’ve gotta wonder if I have what it takes to make this forbidden re-match work or if I’m heading to the penalty box alone and doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past.

A stolen crown awaits…if she can live long enough to claim it. The Lord of the Wildness has finally gotten what he wants. He has Aurra in his grasp, and he’s going to do everything he can to keep her there. She was warned not to trust Icarus—to fear him, even—but he’s the only fae willing to give her answers. She’s not afraid of him, but his powers are another thing entirely. Shiel was right about that, at least. The dark court is a place of mystery as much as it is danger, but at least it doesn’t try to hide what it is. The same can’t be said of the fae who rescued her. Shiel lied to her. He spoke of a duty to the kingdom, but the only master he serves is himself. He’s one of the fae lords out to use her for his own gain, a ruthless warrior willing to do anything to secure the safety of his own court. She might be able to forgive him if he was willing to admit it. Maybe. She made the mistake of trusting him once. She won’t make that mistake again. Not with him. Not with anyone. She’s survived worse than what this new world and its glamour can throw at her. These are courts of traitors, and if she’s going to survive amidst them, she’s going to have to be a traitor, too. Even if that starts with betraying her own heart, the part of her these fae seem most determined to break first.

A ruthless god. A sinful angel. A princess to come between them. My life is perfect. My life is planned. My life isn’t mine. Promised to a man I love. A man I hate. Not even a man. A god. Apollo Callahan is that and much more. My life is broken. My life is fractured. My life isn’t free. Craving a man I hate. A man I need. Not even a man. An angel. Valen Kincaid is nothing I could ever want. The Saints may rule the hallowed halls of Saint Benedict’ College, but they’re anything but saintly. Behind closed doors, they call themselves the Sinners. Sex. Fast Cars. Drugs. Money. The odd assassination or two. Nothing is beneath them, except the next in a long line of women. Can one little princess, searching to break free from her prison tower, bring these mighty lords crashing to their knees?

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