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Scars—a badge of honor denoting strength. Milly: My hellish month is looking up! I’ve scored a private nursing job. No more sleeping in my car, stressing about my debts. My patient is a military man. Gorgeous. Tattooed. Built. He’s also temporarily blind and tries to sack me during my first hour on the job. I’m way past desperate, so let him try to banish me. Connor: All I want is to recover and return to my men in Afghanistan. The problem is without my sight, I’m helpless as a kitten. My family treat me like a child. When they get tired of my temper, they hire her. The woman is determined. I’ll give her that. But there’s something about her that intrigues me, makes my mind wander to kissing and pleasure and soft curves. Too bad we have no future.

When the supernatural world claims you, you have two options: death, or becoming a monster. I choose survival. I’d done it. Fresh out of high school, I’d scored the biggest audition of my life in New York City. I thought it was my chance to leave Shadow Grove and save my mom from our financial burdens. Until an accident that should have killed me totally changed my reality. It was freaking crazy, but werewolves existed, and now that I’d seen them, the supernatural world had its grip on me. Now I’m running for my life, and the only hope I have for survival is Aiden Daniels, the future Alpha of the Shadow Pack. He’s guarded, moody, and probably the hottest guy I’ve ever seen with these hauntingly blue eyes. Do I trust him? Not really. But what choice do I have when nothing is as it seems?

I can’t get the girl in the dorm room next to me out of my head… I’ve only ever had one focus in life: baseball. Everything else always came second to that. Don’t get me wrong though, I loved playing the field in all matters of the term. Love ‘em and leave ‘em, right? Yeah, and then I met her. Those luscious curves, those potent eyes, the way she says my name when our bodies are intertwined. I can’t get enough of her—and I want her for myself. But the game I love comes calling in a big way. And I can’t be expected to stay—right? My first love still has my heart, but I can make the distance work… Until things take a turn for the darker. Someone doesn’t want me here in the majors, and they’re making it more than known. My life is falling apart right in front of my very eyes—and just when I think things can’t get any more complicated… My homerun girl is expecting. It’s a curveball I never saw coming, and I start to wonder if I can handle all the pressure… Or if I’ll even make it out alive.

I should’ve known better than to have a one night stand with that silver fox billionaire… Turns out, he’s a damaged ex-Navy-Seal. Also, my estranged dad’s best friend. He offered to be my company’s newest major funder before he knew who I was. Now It’s too late to go back. I can’t stop thinking about his arms around me, the look he gave me, that scorching toe-curling night. He refuses to take no for an answer and he always gets what he wants. He’s made it very clear that what he wants is me. If word gets out about us, I risk losing funding for the company and my sanity. Things have gotten very complicated… Especially now that I’m staring at two pink lines on this stick.

After being betrayed by my own, I found myself banished to a crap-hole city in the northeastern part of America, a disowned Bratva royal in hiding, wanted by the Mafia for crimes against a Don. I’m simply biding my time, plotting my return to Russia to reclaim my family inheritance and my Bratva throne from my little brother… But then I met her in some dingy bar with terrible music and even worse alcohol. What is better than returning to Russia to oust my brother and reclaim my birthright? Doing so with an heir already secured in the soft womb of a gorgeous woman. I will abduct her. I will seduce her. I will breed her. And then she will die, as tradition dictates. So why am I finding myself envisioning a future with her by my side? As for my little malishka, she dreams of freedom and yearns to escape my claim. But I will never let her go. Only death will part us now, and how soon that happens depends on her.

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