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Kama: I never expected to meet “the one” during my research dates for my thesis. And never, in a thousand free dinners, would I have guessed I’d fall for a smooth-talking, ridiculously hot lawyer with fingers that massage my common sense right out of me. The problem is, his career goals aren’t just at odds with mine—if he succeeds, he’ll destroy my reputation. Dylan: I’ve got a one-track mind and it’s set on becoming my law firm’s youngest partner ever. All I have to do is win a case the firm’s president hand delivered to me. Problem is, once I start researching the claim, I quickly realize that to get this promotion, I’ll have to crush the most intriguing, infuriating and attractive woman I’ve ever met. Now I have to decide which I want more: the goal I’ve been focused on my entire adult life or the woman my heart tells me I can’t live without.

When two opposites collide will their differences ignite a spark? Frankie and Sebastian live totally different lives. Lives that are entwined through polo, the sport of kings. How entangled will they become? Australian farmgirl, Frankie, has no interest in high society or the rich, arrogant riders she has to deal with, especially Sebastian. Her heart may be softening to his kindness and love of horses, but her brain won’t be convinced. She’s looking forward to her summer break on the farm, away from him… until her parents invite Sebastian to stay. Sebastian never felt comfortable in his role as the Crown Prince of Oleander. He’d rather spend his days working with horses, playing polo and being with Frankie, whose fiery spirit has set his heart aflame. But pressure from his mother, the Queen, to return to his royal duties is mounting. Everything he desires is in danger of being ripped away. Can Sebastian convince Frankie that his hopes and dreams aren’t so different from hers, or is he destined to return to a life he doesn’t want, alone?

Boss, an alpha billionaire, is crossing the line! He just asked me out and he doesn’t like to hear no. I’m his assistant, not his girlfriend. I almost said yes. I know it’s a dangerous game to play with my boss. I can’t deny that I am attracted to him and would like the opportunity to go on a date with him (or whatever this was). Isn’t something I could actually do. I need the job. When I worked as a nanny next door, I would peek at him through the window. He’s so hot. I have a thing for his chiseled face, deep blue eyes and welcoming smile. The date is to a fundraiser at the same hospital that cared for my brother. Major donor, he’s out of my league. I told myself to get over this silly crush sooner rather than later. I can’t escape him or my feelings, Does he still want me at all? YES…

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