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He is handsome, charismatic, and Hollywood Royalty. He is older than me. My boss. The forbidden fruit I can’t taste. Aaron is a successful man. He is one of the most influential producers in Hollywood, with more money than he can spend in a lifetime, and a villa in the Hollywood Hills. His life is the definition of perfection, but there is only one thing he wants: his father’s broadcasting company. He sacrifices everything to obtain it when his old man will step down, including his personal life. Is it worth it? He hasn’t time to answer that question. Dakota is Hollywood’s rising star. She is the lead in one of the most successful fantasy TV shows, attends the most fabulous parties, and is adored by her fans. She is a twenty-three-year-old actress with Hollywood at her feet. There is only one problem: the paparazzi have a field day when she goes too far with alcohol at parties. Dakota is the loose cannon in Aaron’s master plan. Will he be able to get a hold of her before she ruins his chance to sit on his father’s throne?

I should be terrified of them—but I’ve never felt safer… When I begged the Twisted Metal MC to take me in exchange for my father’s freedom, I never thought I’d be anything more than a trade to them. A transaction. I was wrong. On the surface, my three captors are nothing alike. Trooper, who disarms me with a smile and helps me laugh away my fears. Dutch, whose cocky mask can’t hide his sweet soul. And Ranger, who frustrates me so much I can’t decide whether to kiss or kill him. I’m more than a bargaining chip to them—and every day I spend with them proves it. But when my past catches up to me, everything threatens to come crashing down around me. I don’t know how I’ll get out of this mess, but I do know one thing. No one is ever going to control me again. My guys will stop at nothing to make sure of it.

This is not a love story, it’s a hate story, with so many twists you’ll hurt your neck. Melissa: I had my life all planned out, but in the blink of an eye it was gone. I lost my baby, my husband, my happy ever after. So I made another plan… Destroy the man who ruined it all. Edward Bonham. With his perfect wife and perfect life. Why should he be allowed to keep everything I’ve been denied? Years have passed; they think they’re safe. They think no one remembers. They think all is forgiven. But I will never forgive, I will never forget, and one day, retribution will be Mine.

Let’s push the envelope! Are you ready for some heat? Inside are 50 explicit stories with bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, and so much more. These stories include paranormal erotica, stories of women aggressively seeking submissive pleasures, stories of women taking control, couples experimenting together, a police woman learning to let go, and so much more! This is a collection of Alexandra Noir’s published BDSM stories. You can get over 1,000 pages of erotic stories in this one download! This bundle contains stories from the following collections: The Experiment, You Have the Right to Remain Submissive, The Velvet Rope, Witch Trials and Errors, Secret Submission, and more!

Worse than a ruthless king… is a king obsessed. Isolation, darkness, and rotting flesh, Surrounds me, suffocates me, But I am the vile ruler who controls it all. I long for warmth, Yet, all that I touch, Is cold. Then, she stumbles in to my domain, Lost and frightened, Alone and confused. And I terrify her even more. She calls me the devil, So I show her pleasure, Like only the devil can. I am the heat that stirs her flesh, The longing that trembles her bone. She begs her body to refuse, To escape my embrace, But I am her master, The puppeteer of passion. I am the King of Flesh and Bone. Welcome to my court, little one.

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