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They are villains. They are monsters. And I am their prey. Yet they are my forbidden fantasy. The jagged lines between right and wrong in their world prevent me from getting close to the men who took more than my heart back in New Orleans. All three corrupted mafia men refuse to accept the one night we spent together as the start of something new. Yet night after night they continue to take. And I give. My body. My blood. Even my soul, should they ask for it. But I know the unspoken secret. They long for the same dream I have—to love and be loved. Until them, my life was nothing more than a fevered nightmare. Their warm caresses and heated whispers chase away my demons. But my cruel kings bring a whole new world of pain to my life. One where I can’t keep what I desire most. Or can I? My twisted plan is simple. Four dirty, sinful nights of pleasure in Room Seventeen and one contract. All three swear nothing can break them. Question is, if I fail to show them how perfect we are together, will I have the strength to break away from their darkness? Or will I fall captive to their brand of pain? Room Seventeen holds all the answers.

Angelica Rose’s mom always told her that desperate times called for desperate measures. Walking into a strip club and asking for an audition certainly qualifies as desperate, but when her mom’s battle with cancer ends months before Angelica is due to start college, she doesn’t feel like she has much choice. The moment Morgan Cadwell sees her on his stage, he knows she’s the one woman who could make him break all the rules. There’s no way he’s going to let Angelica dance for other men, so he hires her as his live-in personal assistant instead. Morgan’s offer lets Angelica keep her clothes on…but little does she know that, in the end, he’ll make her bare her soul instead.

It’s Vegas, baby! Vivienne Darling is totally stoked. She just landed a dream gig assisting LA’s hottest stylist, getting dancers and VIPs ready for the opening party of The Stardust Hotel on the Vegas strip. Well, okay, her boss is dressing the VIPs. But still…it’s the gig of the freaking century! It was big enough for her to quit her survival job and spend the days leading up to Christmas at the hottest hotel opening Vegas has seen in years. What she didn’t realize was her #1 crush Jack Casey — now the most sought-after DJ in the electronic dance scene was headlining this gig. But it would be Vivienne’s luck that Jack would hand-pick her to be his stylist, bypassing her boss completely. With Vivienne stealing her boss’s starry client, her career might be over before it even begins. But Vegas has a way of working holiday magic. Will Vivienne find her happily ever after with Hollywood’s reigning prince? Or will she return to LA with her reputation shattered?

If you think it’s too soon to get on Santa’s naughty list…think again. Cancel your plans and spend this holiday season with 26 romance authors who have teamed up to bring you a delicious holiday treat. This collection will have it all: fake relationships, second chances, enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, workplace romance, age gap, CEO’s, bikers, and falling for the best friend’s brother. Each of the authors will have an unforgettable, steamy story. So come on over, grab a blanket, and get started on finding your next favorite author today. Let’s Get Naughty is the perfect anthology for you to binge this holiday season. Authors Include: Ashley Zakrzewski, Amy Stephens, J.F. Lowe, Pandora Snow, R Sullins, Stephie Walls, Carina Adams, Nikki Rome, Layla Delaney, Kindra Woods, Rose Bak, C.L. Collier, Zee Irwin, Loren Beeson, A.M. Roark, Britney Bell, Kristie Leigh, Amanda Cuff, Tracy Broemmer, Alexis Ashlie, Jo Richardson/Marie Winters, Monique Brasher, Mellanie Szereto, Eve London, Barb Shuler, Sharon Wray, Khloe Summers, and Ava Pearl.

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