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Last year Liz got divorce papers for Christmas. This year, she’ll get the gift of love… When an unexpected divorce leaves her with nothing but an empty house, Liz Delaney decides to finally pursue her lifelong dream of opening a café in her small town. By day she’ll serve fancy coffee drinks and by night there will be themed cocktails, music, and art. The only thing standing in her way? A grinchy bureaucrat named Nathan Holly. Despite his festive last name, Nathan hates Christmas. He also hates businesses that serve liquor. He grew up in a town that was devastated by unemployment, alcoholism, and violence, and now he’s on a one-man mission to protect other small towns from suffering the same fate. The grumpy county employee comes to the mountains ready to deny Liz’s liquor license, but to his dismay, things don’t go according to plan. First, he’s stranded by a winter storm in a town without a hotel, then he falls head over heels in love with the feisty café owner who grudgingly offers him a room. Will Santa bring these two jaded souls a holiday romance that lasts?

So… I did a thing…All it took was one night, three shots, and I stumbled firmly into cougar territory, taking home a young stud barely old enough to drink, never to see or hear from him again. Or so I’d hoped. Imagine my surprise when not weeks later, he comes sauntering onto my project claiming to be a new crew member. Not only that, he’s obsessed with picking up where we left off and won’t take no for an answer. Why me? Why now when I’m finally getting the respect I deserve as a project manager? And most importantly… why do I enjoy the growly way he says mine?

Ever wonder what would happen if two frenemies needed each other’s help to navigate their Christmas predicaments? Maisey: When I entered a contest to win a weekend getaway to the “Merriest Place on Earth” I didn’t think one of the rules would be must be in a relationship––so I told a little fib. Now, they want me and my fiancé to come and enjoy a five-star luxury stay at Mistletoe Lodge. I don’t care that I’m not engaged, much less even in a relationship of any kind. I’m still going, but I need to find a fiancé first… Jack: The annual McCoy holiday party is coming up and I said I’d bring a date––to get my mother to stop pestering me. Do I have a girlfriend right now? Nope. But I am going to use this as my chance to get the woman I have a crush on to pay attention to me. I’ve got a small window of time to win Masiey Montgomery’s heart, again, and I intend to make it happen.

This chastity hell I’m in has my body throbbing with a constant desire for my four Mafia Gods. Leo, my father’s friend, and right-hand man wants me like nothing else and his desires have me forgetting he’s much older. Nicky, my bodyguard annoys the crap out of me, but how he would take a bullet for me draws me to him like bees to honey. Cesare, my childhood sweetheart, knows all my secret fantasies, the good and the bad. Romeo, we would be a match made in Hell. But he’s wearing me down with every sensual look from those ice-blue eyes. Each Alphalicous man is doing everything he can to win my hand in marriage. Together we’ll align our two families, becoming the most powerful Mafia in NYC. But a rival gang thinks we’re weak and vulnerable since my father’s passing. And that kidnapping me is a smart move on their part. I know my four badass Gods will rescue me from these crazy monsters. But who will rescue me from them? They possess my heart so why should I have to choose? I am their Princess, I will have what I want and desire. And desire them, all of them.

Laurel Halifax spent the last four years hiding. Hiding from the paparazzi and her failure to follow in the footsteps of her revered musician father. She intends to remain unseen and forgotten, but a chance encounter with Jace Blackmore, a guitar legend in progress, scatters Laurel’s intentions to the wind. Obsessed with his career, Jace is determined to dominate the world’s music industry. He’s a bold go-getter, but he’s on the brink of losing everything if he doesn’t convince everyone he knows (including himself) that he’s over a certain girl. His solution? Ask Laurel to be his rebound. Laurel has been burnt by his kind before—a fame seeker who’s roguish and funny and carelessly handsome. Still, she’s fascinated by his brazen proposal, so she accepts it. Together they run into a series of (mis)adventures that make Laurel’s head spin and her heart spark to life. Jace makes her forget that she used to fear the tabloids. He makes her forget there was a time love meant duplicity and heartbreak. And as their summer fling gains momentum, he also makes her forget that rebounds aren’t meant to last. Jace is different. He’s honest, and considerate, and he supports Laurel whether she chooses to step out into the light or remain in the shadows. He could never break her heart. Right…?

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