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They didn’t meet until after the wedding day. Carter McLain has finally accomplished the success he was striving for when he moved to the frontier a decade ago. All that’s missing is a wife to share it with. Having no desire to leave his land, he requests a friend back home to arrange a proxy marriage for him. When his bride seems too good to be true, Carter wonders if he did the right thing. The highly publicized deaths of Ella St. Clair’s parents cause her to lose everything. Left destitute, alone, and friendless, she grudgingly accepts the offer of marriage by proxy to a man she has never met. The long trip West leaves her plenty of time for second thoughts. What does the future hold for these legally bound strangers? Can they get past their secrets to find happiness? This is a sweet, wholesome historical romance featuring a smart, strong heroine and the brooding hero who steals her heart.

A collection of Happily Ever After Christmas tales written by the talented romance authors from 5 Prince Publishing.

MISTLETOE MEMORIES by Bernadette Marie
THE MRS. CLAUSE by S.J. Reisner
MERRY MIX-UPS by Emily Bybee

A trip to Vegas to celebrate my best friend’s wedding? Yes, please! I’m ready for warm weather, a little gambling, an epic bachelorette party, and, of course, being a bridesmaid for one of my oldest and best friends. What I’m not ready for is how hot her younger brother has become. The last time I saw Corey, he was a shy, scrawny kid in high school. Now, he’s neither shy nor scrawny, he’s a successful business owner, and he’s mastered the art of flirting … mainly with me! Don’t get me wrong––I like having a good time and I’m not opposed to having a weekend fling. But this is my best friend’s brother, not a stranger I’ll never see again. Should I give into temptation, or play it cool while we’re in Vegas?

They are villains. They are monsters. And I am their prey. Yet they are my forbidden fantasy. The jagged lines between right and wrong in their world prevent me from getting close to the men who took more than my heart back in New Orleans. All three corrupted mafia men refuse to accept the one night we spent together as the start of something new. Yet night after night they continue to take. And I give. My body. My blood. Even my soul, should they ask for it. But I know the unspoken secret. They long for the same dream I have—to love and be loved. Until them, my life was nothing more than a fevered nightmare. Their warm caresses and heated whispers chase away my demons. But my cruel kings bring a whole new world of pain to my life. One where I can’t keep what I desire most. Or can I? My twisted plan is simple. Four dirty, sinful nights of pleasure in Room Seventeen and one contract. All three swear nothing can break them. Question is, if I fail to show them how perfect we are together, will I have the strength to break away from their darkness? Or will I fall captive to their brand of pain? Room Seventeen holds all the answers.

I’m a grumpy single dad with a demanding football career. The last thing I should be doing is falling for the sunshine-y school teacher down the road… When I moved to Sin Valley, I didn’t come empty-handed. I came with a demanding football career, an energetic little boy and the baggage of a recent divorce. Romance was the last thing on my radar. At least until I met the gorgeous first-grade teacher who lives a few houses down my street. Katrina is the kind of woman no red-blooded man can ignore. Always walking around with a warm smile, the sweetest words and a plate of fresh-baked treats. I can’t help but want to be near her. ‘Just friends’ is just fine in the light of day. But when the street lights come on, I want…more. I want her lips. I want her curves. I want her on her knees, saying my name. I’m trying to be responsible. But Katrina says we both need to let loose, live a little. And she’s got a detailed plan to show me how. As friends, of course. Just friends. That’s the story we’re sticking with. Because I’m still putting my life back together. And having my son’s teacher doing the walk of shame from my house at the crack of dawn? Well, that’s no way to make a good impression around the neighborhood! But the more I hang out  (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

The curse of responsibility weighs heavily upon my shoulders as the new Laird. My clan, and my heart’s desire, are threatened by the English. And I will sacrifice everything, including my very life, to save them… Scottish Highlands 1306 – When English deserters target the Clan MacLeod, the fair Meg Lachlan finds herself directly in their sights. As she searches for a way to protect her family and herself, the Laird’s son, Ewan MacLeod, intervenes at the most opportune time. A known rake and the darkly handsome son of the Laird, Ewan is used to getting what he wants. When he chances upon Meg facing trouble in the woods, in a split second he knows what he must do. To protect Meg from the English marauders who’ve targeted her and Clan MacLeod, Ewan brings her to his family’s castle. Only his intense desire for Meg isn’t part of that plan. Ensconced in the keep with the soon-to-be new Laird, Meg’s desire for Ewan rises. And as much as she fights it, she wants to find herself in his arms and by his side. After the death of Ewan’s father, Ewan assumes his role as Laird and claims Meg for his own. The draw between them is undeniable. But just as their love for each other seems certain, accusations of witchcraft from a jealous (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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