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Half demon, half human. Hooves. Horns. The monster of Christmas. We’ve all heard the tales of Krampus. …Or have we? A night with friends telling innocent stories quickly turns into a nightmare. A magical forest, and enchanted gardens. An enemy you don’t see coming. To what lengths will Emmeline go to get her life back?

Size doesn’t matter. Yeah, right. When a guy a head taller than the other men at the gym, with massive muscles and sexy tattoos, decides to give you a personal tour at your new job, his size is the first thing you notice. Yet Caleb’s midnight blue eyes are so gentle when they lock on mine. He’s older, funny, confident… and somehow makes me feel a bit less shy. But I’m supposed to be moving soon. Can I stop myself from falling for him so hard and fast, especially when he’s already treating me like his girlfriend? Every touch, every rasp of his deep voice, sends my heart spiraling.Having such an intense man completely focused on me makes me feel like anything is possible. Even standing up for myself, and deciding how to live my own life.

Growing up, he was her tormentor. Now he’s her only hope. Landon Trace, cofounder of WEST Protection, is minding his own business at a family wedding when a woman from his past literally jumps into his arms. His best friend’s little sister sure has grown up in the fifteen years since he’s seen her, but the way she catches his eye isn’t the real issue. She’s in danger—and he’s her only hope. In their youth, Elliot—aka Ells—Watson couldn’t stand Landon’s company. He spent every spare second teasing her, pulling her braids and making fun of her name. Now she has to put all that behind her in the hope that he’ll help her escape the danger she landed in after she dug too deep in the corporate files. Her new bodyguard is still annoying and cocky…and grew into the sexiest man she’s ever laid eyes on. Protecting Ells is a no-brainer. Keeping his hands off her proves to be much, much harder. With the corporate goons behind the big Social Security scam gaining on them, time is running out to find the perfect place to hide her. Only now he and Ells are facing a new kind of heat—the kind that happens between the sheets. 

Dante Mancini is a leading heart surgeon at a Sydney hospital. Following a family tragedy, he keeps a low profile and focuses on his patients, especially conjoined twin girls Chloe and Caitlyn and their upcoming separation surgery. Alexa Rogerson is a public relations manager. Her brief is to raise publicity and fundraising dollars for the hospital. Handsome and talented, Dante is a publicist’s dream, yet Alexa is left frustrated by his suspicion of her motives and reluctance to work with her. Publicly confronted with his painful past, Dante turns to Alexa for help to protect those whom he cares about the most. Neither expected to find themselves under the spotlight, yet it forces both to shine a light on past mistakes. Can Dante and Alexa survive the glare, or will their chance at love burn out?

My name is Belle Constantine. I’m the kind of girl who gets diamond bracelets for my birthday. Not the handcuffs I truly crave. But the three gorgeous, alpha navy SEALs I’m standing in front of right now don’t need to know any of that. All these ripped, gorgeous brothers-in-arms care about is if I can perform on stage at Club Sin: Chicago between the three of them wearing only a mask and a pair of heels. It’s a very good question I’m eager to answer. Gage with his smoldering dark eyes is a girl’s dream man with yards of muscles and a gentle touch. His best friend, Aziel, is six feet of pure steel wrapped in the military fatigues. Then there is Rush, their third best friend. The scarred, decorated soldier has the kindest smile and the dirtiest fantasies. And I’ve learned all this in the ten minutes I’ve known them. When I first saw their newspaper ad I thought it meant I could have a little fun and lose my V-Card to three military studs before I went back to my castle with its cold walls and my heavy crown. I was terribly wrong. I started out with one harmless secret and now I have a second one with a nine month due date. Tick-tock… (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

A trip to Vegas to celebrate my best friend’s wedding? Yes, please! I’m ready for warm weather, a little gambling, an epic bachelorette party, and, of course, being a bridesmaid for one of my oldest and best friends. What I’m not ready for is how hot her younger brother has become. The last time I saw Corey, he was a shy, scrawny kid in high school. Now, he’s neither shy nor scrawny, he’s a successful business owner, and he’s mastered the art of flirting … mainly with me! Don’t get me wrong––I like having a good time and I’m not opposed to having a weekend fling. But this is my best friend’s brother, not a stranger I’ll never see again. Should I give into temptation, or play it cool while we’re in Vegas?

Did you ever threaten to run away and join the circus? It’s 1980, and Gail has decided to blow off her full college ride and become a trapeze artist. As she finds herself wandering the dysfunctional circus life, she realizes the safety net of the existence she once knew is unraveling, but the show must go on no matter what. This honest, daring, and sexy story is about mysterious circus culture through the eyes of a young woman with a dream of flying. The Greatest Of Ease is a roman à clef giving readers a fascinating, detailed view of circus life circa 1980.

The members of the Silver Saints MC are ready to claim their women. This collection includes the seventh, eighth, and ninth stories in the Silver Saints MC series, plus 3 brand-new epilogues.

Patriot: Patrick “Patriot” O’Bannon never expected to be struck with the urge to claim a woman on the way home from a run. Let alone in a biker bar on territory belonging to a rival club. Laying low wasn’t an option when another man cornered the red-headed beauty who was meant to be his.

Breaker: All it took was one look for Sebastian “Breaker” Ross to know that Ireland Foster was meant to be his. So when he saw another guy giving the cute rocker chick a hard time, Breaker stepped in…by pretending to be her boyfriend.

Rider: Aiden “Rider” Brand knew the Silver Saints MC rule about sisters being off-limits. But he had no clue that his VP was Wendy West’s big brother when he met her. And after their night together, nobody was going to keep him away from the woman he’d claimed as his own.

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