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The Earl of Goldthwaite had spent his entire adult life accumulating wealth. It was his life’s goal to never end up as his father had, penniless and rotting in some debtor’s prison. He has no time for such silly notions as love or romance. When he eventually marries, he’ll find a nice heiress to increase his holdings. But when Miss Penny Walters waltzes into his life, he knows she’s all wrong for him. As poor as her name implies, she’s nothing that he wanted. Just another woman attempting to part him from his gold. So why can’t he look away? Penny’s life had been charmed, at least she’d always believed so until the age of twelve. Though her parents had little assets, they’d had enough to be comfortable and their home had been rich with affection. After their death, she’s determined to live the rest of her life the way they taught her. With her whole heart. Her first task was to open an orphanage in a poor London neighborhood. One that would give back to the community. The problem? She needed a loan to make her dream come true. And the one man she might be able to ask for such a sum was… It filled her with sick dread but what choice (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

Christmas Wishes and New Year’s Kisses is a wonderfully festive collection of holiday-themed novellas and short stories from some of the world’s most loved indie authors. Authors contributing to this set include: Kathleen Ryder, A.M. Olenick, Amy L. Gale, Ruby Rare, Melonie Johnson, Jeanine Lauren, Meg Napier, Suzanne Cass, Lulu M. Sylvian, Sharon Wray, Jordan Elizabeth, Caitlyn Coakley, Renee Lee Fisher, Jakki Frances, Keighley Bradford, Adelyn Zara, Katherine Moore, Cynthia Terelst, Pandora Snow, Susannah Kade, and Debra Deasey.

My name is Belle Constantine. I’m the kind of girl who gets diamond bracelets for my birthday. Not the handcuffs I truly crave. But the three gorgeous, alpha navy SEALs I’m standing in front of right now don’t need to know any of that. All these ripped, gorgeous brothers-in-arms care about is if I can perform on stage at Club Sin: Chicago between the three of them wearing only a mask and a pair of heels. It’s a very good question I’m eager to answer. Gage with his smoldering dark eyes is a girl’s dream man with yards of muscles and a gentle touch. His best friend, Aziel, is six feet of pure steel wrapped in the military fatigues. Then there is Rush, their third best friend. The scarred, decorated soldier has the kindest smile and the dirtiest fantasies. And I’ve learned all this in the ten minutes I’ve known them. When I first saw their newspaper ad I thought it meant I could have a little fun and lose my V-Card to three military studs before I went back to my castle with its cold walls and my heavy crown. I was terribly wrong. I started out with one harmless secret and now I have a second one with a nine month due date. Tick-tock… (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

So… I did a thing… All it took was one night, three shots, and I stumbled firmly into cougar territory, taking home a young stud barely old enough to drink, never to see or hear from him again. Or so I’d hoped. Imagine my surprise when not weeks later, he comes sauntering onto my project claiming to be a new crew member. Not only that, he’s obsessed with picking up where we left off and won’t take no for an answer. Why me? Why now when I’m finally getting the respect I deserve as a project manager? And most importantly… why do I enjoy the growly way he says mine?

Bethenny Andersen never expected to be stranded in a blizzard with a handsome snowboarder. As the mayor of Winter Falls, Bethenny was responsible for the safety of everyone in town. Even on Christmas Eve, when a storm hit earlier than expected. Then Lincoln Granger showed up on her doorstep in the middle of the night, and she couldn’t possibly turn him away. Bethenny had no way of knowing that spending the holiday snowed in with Lincoln would bring the best gift of all…love. Snow Help Me includes additional chapters and an extra epilogue from when it was published in the Snowed Inn for Christmas anthology.

I should’ve known better than to have a one night stand with that silver fox billionaire… Turns out, he’s a damaged ex-Navy-Seal. Also, my estranged dad’s best friend. He offered to be my company’s newest major funder before he knew who I was. Now It’s too late to go back. I can’t stop thinking about his arms around me, the look he gave me, that scorching toe-curling night. He refuses to take no for an answer and he always gets what he wants. He’s made it very clear that what he wants is me. If word gets out about us, I risk losing funding for the company and my sanity. Things have gotten very complicated… Especially now that I’m staring at two pink lines on this stick.

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