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I should’ve stayed dead.
I should’ve run when he challenged the winning bid.
I should’ve said no to his contract.
But the ruthless Don Enzo Alfera gets what he wants.
He wants revenge.
More than anything, he wants me.

Bethenny Andersen never expected to be stranded in a blizzard with a handsome snowboarder. As the mayor of Winter Falls, Bethenny was responsible for the safety of everyone in town. Even on Christmas Eve, when a storm hit earlier than expected. Then Lincoln Granger showed up on her doorstep in the middle of the night, and she couldn’t possibly turn him away. Bethenny had no way of knowing that spending the holiday snowed in with Lincoln would bring the best gift of all…love. Snow Help Me includes additional chapters and an extra epilogue from when it was published in the Snowed Inn for Christmas anthology.

Shacking up with the head of ski patrol in only one bed after an avalanche wasn’t a part of Tory Lewis’s plan. She thought her trip to Winter Falls would be the perfect way to spend her first Christmas after she lost her parents. Until she was blindsided by her best friend at check-in and left without a place to stay. Luckily, Gavin Edwards came to the rescue with the offer of a ski patrol cabin. Tory owed him even more when Gavin literally saved her life. Then they end up stranded during a blizzard…and have to find creative ways to stay warm. In Snow Deep includes additional content from when it was published in the Snowed Inn for Christmas anthology.

Finding out last night’s one-night stand is today’s new boss is troublesome. Realizing that he is your daddy’s best friend is scandalous. You’re not supposed to spend your first day on the job being hoisted onto bathroom sinks. Or let Mr. Tall, Dark and Sexy claim every inch of your soul. No fraternizing with the boss huh? Well, I tried calling it off. Until I saw the way he held his beautiful daughter. My heart melted. My guard crumbled. No way I’m letting go of Mr. Perfect now. But what happens when my daddy finds out I love his best friend?

The Wong family’s magical bakery has helped the Shifters, Vampires, Witches, and other magical creatures around Graves Academy for hundreds of years with their sweet, enchanted confections that can fix any problem. Leveret Wong, a half Warlock, half Beta Shifter born in the Year of the Rabbit is set to take over the bakery with his gifts for spell casting and whipping the perfect raspberry buttercream. But before he can do that, his parents expect him to get his degree and find a mate, so naturally they enroll him (without asking) into the dark, enchanted, and mysterious Graves Academy. It doesn’t take long before the magic baker’s peaceful life of charmed Energy Macaroons and Murder Cupcakes is thrown into chaos by his devious Snake Shifter Professor, Jun Shen, and the new hire at the bakery, Dog Shifter Eliot Rand. Eliot Rand came to Graves for one reason: to find his fated mate, the Rabbit shifter of the Zodiac. All he wants is to reject him once and for all and free himself of this unwanted destiny. When he manages to get a part time job working besides Levy, however, he starts to realize there may be more to the draw of fated mates than he realized–especially when that mate is as cute, passionate, nerdy, and awkward as his bunny shifter coworker. But as much as he wants to leave (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

“I think of you the way I did before. You are a wild creature,” the Duke whispered. “And I would like to tame you.” Lady Jane is a hellion. Raised by her reckless aunt and conservative cousin, she thrives on breaking the rules of the ton. But after she shares a scandalous kiss with a strict & disciplined Duke, she decides she will show him how thrilling life can be… Duke Frederick is the paragon of virtue. Surrounding himself with his rules and traditions, he has chosen to live his life abiding by his father’s strict code: no passions, no indulgences. But when he finds himself inches away from a mysterious Lady at a ball, a carnal passion awakes in him… As much as Frederick tries to resist Jane and her unorthodox ways, he finds himself growing intoxicated by desire. But they could never be compatible, so they make a bet. Can Frederick convince her of the beauty in order and perfection before she can instill in him the thrill of a reckless life? And before she is lost to him forever…

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