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I only showed up to crash my best friend’s sister’s wedding. So how did I become the groom?! Oops! When I charged up those courthouse steps to stop Sera’s wedding, I didn’t exactly have a plan. But there’s no way I was letting my best friend’s little sister marry some no-good tool who doesn’t deserve her. Let’s just say things got out of control. Fast. Now, the wedding is off. And Sera is crushed. And I’m just trying to be a good friend. “Come stay at my place. Until you’re back on your feet.” “Have some tequila. It’ll ease the pain.” “And what’s a few much-needed orgasms between friends?” Well, maybe I crossed the line with that last one. Oh, but it gets worse… Because we just woke up naked and hungover. And Sera’s wearing a big, ugly diamond ring. On second thought, “oops!” might be an understatement. I mean–I’m Jason Bellino. Confirmed bachelor. Pro football’s ultimate playboy…I don’t do relationships. And she’s my complete opposite. A good girl. A rule-follower. The Sweetheart of Sin Valley…She doesn’t do no-strings-attached flings. Talk about ‘opposites attract’. Now, we’ve got this whole accidental marriage situation going on. Hot damn. I’m completely in over my head. But married life isn’t half-bad, I guess. I could get used to the wall-shaking orgasms, the laughing and bantering together over our breakfast cereal, her cheering me on at my football games. I should be trying to get rid of her. But more and more, I just want her to stay. So how do I convince my oopsie-wife to play house with me…forever?

It’s Addy’s first Christmas without her mom, and she plans to spend it at her grandpa’s. When he gets called away suddenly for a last-minute hunting competition, she’s left at his farm all alone. It doesn’t take long for things to go sideways as wolves appear on her land, dead deer are left on her front yard, and three young men are trying to show her how to celebrate Christmas after she spent all year trying to forget. Addy’s running a tough balancing act as she tries to grieve for her mom, take care of the livestock, keep up with town drama, and figure out what these hot men really mean to her. They say they’re fated to know her, but Addy isn’t sure what to believe as the secrets and lies start piling up. Snow’s coming down hard as the solstice approaches, and only one thing’s for sure… Baby, it’s wolfy outside.

He’s a rockstar with dark secrets. She’s his new obsession. Erik Crawford has no illusions. Buried wounds have poisoned his soul and broken him beyond repair. Until her song hushes the chaos inside and her dangerous curves become his new obsession. Christine Daae believes the sexy front man of Muse of Darkness wears his party-till-dawn attitude as a mask hiding his pain from the world. Determined to meet the rock star, she bribes her way into the production of the band’s biopic. When Erik’s relentless pursuit of Christine unearths ghosts from her past she thought long vanquished, she panics. But she soon finds out escaping her new tutor isn’t an option. Can he teach her to trust again? Can her love mend his broken soul? Or are their emotional scars too deep to be healed?

As soon as I saw her, I knew I had to have her. I thought this Vegas fundraiser was going to be boring—another obligation to keep the family business alive. Wrong. I don’t remember a thing about the night we spent together, other than how good she felt against me, like she was made for me. We woke up the next morning with more than we bargained for—wedding rings. Too bad I don’t believe in true love. I’d feel bad about it, but she’s got a strong opinion of me too. I’m a perpetual bachelor from her perspective. Great. Crazy enough, this could work out for both of us. I need someone to keep my traditional Greek family from nagging me about settling down, and she could use some cash for reasons she doesn’t want to share. I know a good deal when I see one. And if she wants to end up in my bed all over again, all the better…

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