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Love and honor are not for the faint of heart. I could never resist William St. James III. He is decadent, mesmerizing, sinful—and his billions of dollars are a bonus. Our love affair began like an epic and unforgettable fairy tale. Then my dreams turned into a nightmare. William changes overnight into someone I don’t know. He showers me with love and affection, then spends hours away from home. His moods are unpredictable and jarring, yet the love in his eyes remains constant. He says things aren’t what they seem, and he loves me. I don’t know what to believe anymore. All I know is his lies are slowly destroying me. How much more can I take before I give up on our happily ever after?

An Omega raised as a normal human girl… Tiana: Something never felt right with me. I have to take these mysterious pills my mother gave me. Until one night, my life turns upside down when my parents reveal the truth about me. That I was an omega. When I feel my heat coming on, I start to panic…and maybe throwing away the mystery pills wasn’t such a good idea after all. Grant: I’m on a mission to find the lost virgin omega. To return her to Howl’s Edge immediately. When I lay eyes on her, I want to claim her. And my pack wants her too. But she’s not ours. Tiana’s feisty, and I can’t keep my eyes off her, especially when she goes into heat during the cruise ship wedding. She’s stranded with me. And my pack of alphas. Either we mate with her, or she’ll die.

I’ve never had a real epiphany until the flight back to my sweet, romantic hometown of Holly Valley, where they overdo Christmas to a crazy degree. There are old wives’ tales of people falling in love over the holidays. I thought that was ridiculous until I got a strange feeling when I heard about a new girl moving to town. From the second I saw her face, I knew this sexy, creative young woman was… Mine. My hands had never held anything as precious as her luscious, curvy body. I’d never heard a voice so light and sweet. Yeah, it sounds a bit obsessive, but that’s the way the sugar cookie crumbles. So what if I’m a total stranger, and she’s afraid of my family’s status in town? I’ll find a way to convince her that she belongs in my arms, and that I belong to her.

Forgiveness is brutal. It’s worse when the hurt hits you on your blind side. And it’s impossible when the heartbreak comes the night before you leave for college, thinking you’re on the same page with the love of your life when it comes to being hundreds of miles apart for the next four years. Tucker carries the hurt of Mason walking away, and it keeps him stuck – unable and unwilling to move on. When she transfers to Tucker’s school for their final year, it’s a hit he isn’t ready for. Mason has one, no, two, no, three things on her mind: run her best track season yet, get into grad school, and convince the love of her life to give her another shot. Things don’t necessarily go in that order – or to plan – as they work through the history of their heartbreak, and it doesn’t help that their years apart dealt blows that caused even more pain. Tucker is the defensive tackle usually running the blitzes. But this one he won’t see coming.

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