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Can I survive in a world that hates what I am? Raised by human traffickers, I learned from an early age that the one person I can trust is myself. Rescued and brought to Thornbriar Academy, I’ve only traded one kind of imprisonment for another. When a scorching hot jaguar shifter and a scandalously hunky water shifter take me in, I start to believe I’ve found a home and a pack. Until I discover a devastating secret that just might get me—and them—killed. Every shifter needs a mate, but spirit shifters like me need four.

Gorgeous, sexy, and sweetly shy… Sierra appeared like a Christmas angel. I hadn’t even left the airport when I was hit by the holiday magic in my small home town of Holly Valley. Sierra made my protective instincts kick in for the first time. I needed to care for her. Not just while I was back for the holidays. Forever. But I couldn’t tear her away from the first real home she’d ever had. I’d have to convince Dad some things are more important than the expansion of our family business. Then convince my beautiful Sierra that I was worth taking a chance on.

Two fallen angels are dead, Tierney’s father is missing and Jax refuses to believe they’re soul mates. As Tierney searches for her dad, her dragon powers begin to awaken—secrets and lies are revealed, and the man she loves abandons her. The daily battle for control of the beast raging beneath his skin practically paralyzes Jax with dread. What if he hurts someone innocent? What if he hurts Tierney? Well aware that he’s not worthy of her love—when a monster surfaces—one so vile it makes Jax see red—he does what he believes is the only thing that will keep Tierney safe. But is it? From skin and scale arises a broken beast of sorrow … along with evil and ancient magic. Will they all be strong enough to defeat it?

She’s had too much Christmas. He can’t get enough… As soon as I see the curvy craft stall owner with a scowl that could freeze mulled wine, I know she’ll be mine. I don’t see a grumpy woman. I see a challenge. Jessica hates Christmas, and I get it. With her history, I don’t blame her. But I’ll do anything to change her mind. As long as she doesn’t find out my family secret…

Andie Williams- Robinson and Dexter Robinson are living their best lives. Not only are they happily in love, but their professional careers are precisely where they want them to be, with Andie being a successful writer, while Dexter is moving up the corporate ladder with his role as an engineer. Now, they have another accomplishment to look forward to: Becoming parents! Not only are they happy for their new beginnings, but practically everyone in their lives is as well, which makes things a bit complicated for Andie and Dexter. With their parents fighting over who will be the first to babysit their first grandchild to their friends wondering who the godparents will be, Andie and Dexter are beginning to feel the pressure and question many of their decisions, not just with the arrival of their child, but with themselves and their relationship. Despite everything happening in their lives, the two are eager to meet their new bundle of joy.

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