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There are many who dream of fame. Many more dream of Marshall Jones, Project Viper’s irresistible frontman. Alexandra gets a shot at both, millions of admirers and the hotshot singer’s heart, but nothing ever comes for free. She loses everything to land a spot with Project Viper as their new bassist— Hold it. Alexandra’s a singer who’s never held a bass guitar in her life. Alone and reeling from a tragedy that altered her whole life, she’s desperate for a fresh start and a new family. Mastering the bass and impressing five hardcore rockers, all in only six months, is doable. Really. And it’s okay that Marshall absolutely hates her. No big deal at all. Only it is. Of course it is. Marshall’s sultry green eyes and brooding, reluctant curiosity ignite heart-stopping sparks whenever their glances collide. But sparks won’t stop Marshall from forcing Alexandra out of his band family. She’s inexperienced, maddening, hair black as midnight, lips sweet as— Whatever she is, for the good of Project Viper, Alexandra must leave. If he has to break her heart to make her gone, so be it. The joke’s on him though. There’s nothing left to break, and Alexandra’s left with no other choice than to aim for the impossible—tame the unreasonable singer and win her place with the band. 

A second chance, later-in-life steamy romance between two exes who just might find a new beginning. Zane: I’m an ex-marine with attitude, PTSD, and fantasies my wife hadn’t been ready for after I returned from years of deployment. Toni: I asked him to leave almost a decade ago so he could heal–to find out what would make him whole again. Now our daughter is getting married and we’ll be around each other in paradise pretending to get along, testing my sanity and my need for him. I’ve dreamt about the things he wanted. Could I give him what he wants, what he needs? Maybe it’s what I needed all along too.

Shereen and Mo have been friends since they were three. Shereen’s loved him almost as long. He married someone else—but fate is about to throw them together… When a tragic loss leaves Mo widowed and a single dad, his best friend Shereen steps into his life to help. But when his son tells him that Shereen’s his Earth mum while his departed mother is his heaven mum, Mo realizes that maybe it’s time to move on. Of course, falling in love after loss isn’t easy. Mo needs to work past his fear, his sadness, and his still-strong tie to his late wife. Shereen’s never admitted she’s in love with Mo, and now she’s not sure she ever can. Before, preserving their friendship meant more to her, and she watched him marry someone else. Losing him hurt her deeply, and no man earned her heart after him. So when the opportunity to try to make him hers arises, she leaps at the chance. But he remains steadfast and committed to his late wife. Maybe fate’s keeping his love off-limits… or maybe she needs to discover how to make him understand she’s loved him forever.

The photographer is first. He comes to her in his hour of most desperate need, and she saves him. He vows revenge on those who have wronged him. She hopes to help him find peace. The second is the private investigator, cool and collected. His specialty is finding the lost. He comes to help the photographer and finds a quite different situation than he expected. She is different from his expectation. She is kind. The third is the conservation agent from Montana, the law man. He comes to save everyone from acting irrevocably, but he’s too late by a day. And still, she captivates him, makes him dream of home, makes him want to come in from the cold. She, Ava, is her own woman, and she wants none of the strife they bring with them. They upheave her life, take over her house, and yet, she can’t send them away, can’t resist their mission, their vengeance. She cannot resist them, nor they her. Thank all the gods she is kind.

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