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In the heart of Texas is a ranch that specializes in something a little out of the norm… Warning: This ain’t your daddy’s ranch. Contains cowboys administering sexual therapy to frustrated ladies—and each other. The series is hitting you with BOOKS ONE-SIX. If that isn’t enough, a hot bonus Valentine’s Day novella is added as bonus content. PLUS a sneak peek of the next book in the series! Featured Full-Length Novels: Pushin’ Buttons, Body, Language, Reining Men, Ropin’ Hearts, Rope Burn, Cowyboy not included, and bonus Cupid Cowboys.

My brother’s best friend wanted me for a night. Now I have a surprise. And it was years ago we slept together. When we were just kids. Getting pregnant left me with a different life path than I’d expected, but I let him go. He had big dreams and I let him go live them, but now he’s back in my life, as arrogant as ever. My secret baby daddy has a mission to revive the city but his plans would hurt the people I serve in my charity. The charity that took care of me when I had nothing but a newborn and a shaky smile. I’m not sure if he’s playing the good guy or actually is. He’s not the same guy I fell in love with. Either way, our goals are in opposition to each other. This isn’t a second chance at love. It’s “may the best man win.” Let the games begin.

Abel King served his country until they had used him all up. Whoever he was before, he is not that man now. Now he is a growly, gruff, grumpy brute of a man who does not belong with most of society. And truth be told, he does not want to be with most folks. Until one day, a bright sunspot of beauty smiles up at him. Apple Booker sees grace and beauty in just about everything she sets her sights on. That includes the beautiful but beastly Abel, who comes down off his mountain just to turn her world upside down. A fall festival brings them together–and Abel knows he found the apple of his eye once he gets a taste of his sweet redhead.

Savannah loves nothing more than a good romp in the sack. If she’s not doing it with her paraplegic gamer boyfriend, Arcas, she’s at the very least daydreaming about it, preferably with a duke from the 19th century. Her overactive imagination means she can’t help but fantasize about the R-rated pastimes of the peerage, adding her own scintillating scenes to her favorite historical romance, Love and Honor. By day, she dreams about the commanding Duke of Maddern and his seduction of Miss Emmaline Collins, the innocent, headstrong beauty whose heart he broke long ago. By night, she embarks on a year-long sex challenge: to experience and document her wild bedroom antics in her online blog, Sexcapades. But when her conservative past threatens her newfound freedom, Savannah must find the courage to stay the course. Hovering between Regency England and modern-day Melbourne, she begins a journey of sexual exploration that no one had seen coming. Not even her trusty little Rabbit.

I watched my entire pack get slaughtered. My family. My friends. My future mate. Ever since, revenge has been my sole focus. Adeline is the daughter of the Alpha responsible for my loss. I’ve been watching her, learning. She’s sweet. Innocent. Their pack’s weakness. One I’m going to take advantage of. Except the first night we officially meet, everything changes. The chemistry is undeniable. Overwhelming. Something I quickly don’t want to live without. Except to have Adeline in my life, I have to let the hatred go. Turns out it can’t coexist with the sweet forever she promises. When my life has been defined by vengeance, I’m not sure that’s possible.

What if everything we thought we knew about the fall of the most notorious archangel from history was wrong? Archangel Lucifer has been tasked with avenging slaughtered angels; but in so doing must face his greatest challenge–unbridled temptation. Only ever wanting to be the dutiful son, all things change when he comes face to face with the virgin Goddess of the Hunt. The young goddess wants to become a warrior like her brothers. She finally gets the chance when the Creator himself requests her help on a hunt for an angel killer. Adventure awaits them both as they face many unexpected perils along the way to justice, but the true danger lies closer within… to the desire that once ignited in their hearts could change the course of history in the cosmos forever.

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