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Trapped beneath the bodies of my dead pack, I wait for my end. It isn’t death that finds me, but him. One glance at the alpha who saves me is enough to reveal what he means to me. Everything. Fated mate. A man the universe made just for me. But I can’t stay with him. Slipping away before I kill Shay’s pack isn’t going to be easy. Not when he’s determined to save me, to protect me, to give me everything I want and need. I can’t let him, even if I want those same things. I never counted on the lengths he’ll go to keep me—but most of all, I didn’t count on how much I would want to let him.

Carly Bishop loved Christmas…until tragedy struck. Carly doesn’t want to come home for Christmas. Hood Hamlet is filled with nothing but heartbreaking reminders of the fiancé and brother she lost six years ago. But her family needs her, so Carly must dig deep to unearth her Christmas spirit so she can give her niece and nephew the best holiday ever. Mountain rescuer Jake Porter believes he could have saved his two friends that fateful day and kept the Bishop family from experiencing such a heart-wrenching loss. He hopes helping Carly rediscover the magic of Christmas will allow him to finally move forward with his life, but he’s not certain anything can relieve the guilt that’s kept him stuck all these years. As Jake and Carly spend more time together, attraction grows, but toe-curling mistletoe kisses aside, his late best friend would never think Jake is good enough for his little sister. But maybe he can open her heart to something else she’s given up on…love.

This special operative and a K-9 handler must work in close proximity to stop a bomber. They might kill each other…or wind up in bed. After a string of deaths are linked to a man locked up for another crime, Special Operative Alix Broshears and his team are racing against the clock to stop him before another person dies. Bringing in the gorgeous handler from a local K-9 unit makes sense—unless you ask Broshears’ libido. When it comes to the intelligent woman who thinks on her feet, his control is tested every damn minute. Vivian Valentine is up for the challenge of joining the team on yet another mission with her K-9 partner, Zack. She’s also determined to prove her worth to a certain special operative who takes arguing with her seriously. Sure, they hate each other. They’re also friends. And there might have been one encounter in a closet, but they don’t discuss that. Despite their strained ties, when Broshears learns Vivian’s in peril, the race is on to save her. Nothing can keep him from holding back his wrath against their enemies…or his feelings for the woman he’s determined to rescue.

Seven strangers. One Spanish island. A TV crew filming everything. It’s just for one week… What’s the worst that could happen? That’s what Lucy asks herself when the temptation of an all-expenses paid trip to Spain brings out her adventurous side. Soon, she’s sipping cocktails in the sun and indulging in a behind-the-scenes romance with an attractive cameraman. With rumours that the show might not even be aired she can almost forget she’s being filmed. At least until she arrives back home. There, she’s thrust into the spotlight and her world is turned upside down. Will she ever escape the cameras? And can her blossoming romance survive under pressure?

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