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Shopping for a Turkey features Scottish football player Hamish McCormick and Amy Jacoby as they navigate unusual cultural norms around American Thanksgiving, new traditions, and the undeniable attraction between these two characters who have been featured as minor players in Julia Kent’s Shopping series. It’s their turn to pull the wishbone.

Cara: Everyone knew who he was. He ran almost half the city, and no one dared mess with him. Dangerous, dark, murderer. Sexy as hell. It was foolish to even consider him, to throw away the chance I had at a better life for what would be one night, one incredible night. I had a plan, and I needed to stick to it to get the hell out of here and away from the darkness that haunted my past. Although I feared the darkness had settled deep inside me, and I would never truly escape it now. Whenever I looked, he was always there—watching me. I was already his. I just hadn’t admitted it yet. Emrick: When I fell, that was it. Letting the anger consume me, I could only hope it would suffocate and eventually kill the pain that lived underneath my skin. I did whatever I wanted without boundaries or second-guessing. When I saw someone I wanted, I took them. And Cara, I wanted her. She looks at me as though she’s hoping to find some kindness behind my dark eyes. She won’t. There’s nothing good left in me. I was an angel, and now I’m one of the fallen. This isn’t a love story. I don’t have it in me to love. Not anymore.

Determined to avoid each other, Lord Northwick and Miss Ainsley are forced to interact during the Duke’s house party. When secrets are revealed, will they change from enemies to friends… and perhaps something more? Lucius, Viscount of Northwick, is deeply frustrated when Miss Ainsley joins them unexpectedly, ruining the enjoyment of the Christmas house party for him. Having fallen out with Miss Ainsley during the summer Season, he considers returning to his estate, only for a bullet pudding to change everything! Miss Jane Ainsley is determined to ignore Lord Northwick as best she can, only to win the bullet pudding game alongside him. Forced to playact for a day and a night, she battles her changing feelings. When Lord Northwick reveals more to her than Jane ever expected, she is lost in confusion – and then determined to help him. Will the Christmas gathering do anything to change these enemies to friends… or even into something more? Will either of them admit to what it is they feel, especially when a dark secret is thrown open into the light?

Falling in love can be fatal. Navy SEAL Ryker Johnson is a widower filled with sadness and guilt. His VIP client is a prima donna, but he won’t refuse to protect her from a dangerous stalker. It doesn’t take long for her to steal his heart, and he struggles to embrace love again. When danger closes in, Ryker is willing to take a bullet for her – if he’s not too late. Mia Scott owns a successful tech startup on the verge of gaining investor support. But her ex-husband stalks her and threatens her life, forcing her to accept protection. The sparks fly, but Mia is drawn to her bossy bodyguard and finds him irresistible. Tension escalates when her young nephew is pulled into the danger. Mia must make a choice that could save the boy’s life, and she prays that Ryker can rescue her.

Let’s push the envelope. Are you ready for some heat? Inside are 50 explicit stories with bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, and so much more. These stories include paranormal erotica, stories of women aggressively seeking submissive pleasures, stories of women taking control, couples experimenting together, a police woman learning to let go, and so much more! This is a collection of Alexandra Noir’s published BDSM stories. You can get over 1,000 pages of erotic stories in this one download! This bundle contains stories from the following collections: The Experiment, You Have the Right to Remain Submissive, The Velvet Rope, Witch Trials and Errors, Secret Submission, and more!

Spending seven minutes in a closet with a stranger has to be the stupidest dare I’ve ever agreed to until it becomes seven minutes in heaven. ‘Back to Highschool’ frat parties aren’t my scene. But when the games start, and I’m dared to join in, I can’t resist. You see, dares have always provided an excuse to be a crazy and exciting version of me. The kind of girl who steps into a closet wearing a little black dress and a blindfold, with no idea what to expect. As the door closes, not one, not two, but three bodies press against me. Six hands roam over places that haven’t seen action for months. Seven minutes pass in a flash, and when time is up, I stagger out of the closet a disheveled, satisfied, and intrigued mess. Because with just a glimpse of one tattooed hand, I know who achieved the unachievable. My stepbrothers knew how to blow my mind when no one had ever managed it before. I’m mad as hell and freaked out at what we’ve done. I tell myself it’s all kinds of wrong, but my body won’t stop reminding me of just how right it felt. I shouldn’t want more, but I do. But without another dare, there’s no way I’ll be brave enough to find out if they can send me to heaven again. Or will I?

Cherry Burn: Dylan Wilcox has been gone from Highlight, Missouri for 10 years. Nobody has seen him or even received an email as to his location. Worse, he left his high school girlfriend, Cherry Moss, without saying goodbye when he disappeared. When Dylan shows back up in town, clearly changed in the past 10 years, Cherry needs to decide if his story is worth her forgiveness and if she can get over her own demons about him leaving. Blue Balls: Piper Peck loves her life, her friends, and her job. There’s only one problem. The local sheriff, Creed McDuffy, has it in for her over her grandma’s old hot tub that’s considered an eyesore by county enforcement. Unknown to Piper, Creed has had a crush on her since high school and will do anything to get her to look his way. When Creed goes too far and arrests Piper in a last-ditch effort to get her attention, can he ever grovel enough to get in her good graces? Pistol Fire: Libby Dean is known for being the town pistol. Brock Carpenter is known for being the town’s hero fireman. When a fire at Rocks Tavern throws Libby for a loop, Brock wants to comfort her. Libby’s not used to comfort, though, and runs away from any affection as fast as she can. But when Brock needs his own comfort, will Libby put aside her pride and step up?

Handsome, rich, and cocky. Ruthless, cold-hearted, and calculating. Those are just a few words used to describe these bosses. However, in and out of the boardroom, there’s one word that describes them best. SAVAGE. These savage bosses will keep you on your toes during the day and sweep you off your feet at night. They’re proof that the bigger the boss, the harder they fall… in love. Download this exclusive anthology featuring 25+ brand new contemporary romances to find out which savage boss you will fall in love with. First, you must ask yourself one question: Can you handle giving your heart to a savage boss? Immerse yourself in this thrilling collection that includes: Arranged marriage, Friends to lovers, Enemies to lovers, Billionaire, Medical romance, Mafia romance, Sports romance, Office romance, And more!

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