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I planned to fake date my billionaire bosshole. Not give him my v-card. He’s sexy and arrogant… His job post requests a vet, but he really needs a bride. And if I fake marry him, he’ll pay off my mom’s medical bills. Taking the job is a no-brainer… But this “engagement” comes with fine print. Touching, teasing, and every time our lips meet, my world tilts. I’m marrying him to clear my debt, not to fall in love. But tell that to the goosebumps covering my skin every time he looks at me. And my virginal body craves his touch. I fear he will see me, see that I’ve never had sex. God help me to get through these six months because I’m falling for my husband.

What does anyone know about love at eighteen? All I was sure of was how much I loved my daughter… and giving her away destroyed me. Because back then the only labels I wore proved I was unwanted. Since we met, Trig has stood by my side. A protector. A lover. A splinter of hope that my arms won’t always be empty. He says he loves me, and I finally have the desire to lay my secrets bare. Except giving Trig another reason to walk away feels a lot like sacrificing our future… And I’ve already made one decision that shattered my heart.

Trapper. Risqué. Two names are all sex therapist Lyssa Cutler has, but they’re all she needs. A guy and a location… a strip club where she’ll find him. And Trapper turns out to be far more than just capable of tracking down her stalker. Colt Warner’s better judgement tells him to reject the job offer from the inquisitive doctor. The sassy sexpot is going to be trouble. Being attracted to a client goes against his usual ethics… playing by the rules has never been his strong suit. Giving in to their combustible attraction lures reality into harsh focus. The stalker that brought them together doesn’t like the picture presented by the new couple and seems prepared to do anything to tear them apart. Questions mount up, answers are elusive. Only one thing is clear: time is running out.

One woman bred to save the world… Dr. Elaine “Lainey” Randolph was born with one sole purpose: to prevent the past. With her brilliant mind and unwavering spirit, she works tirelessly to solve the equations that will finally unlock the mystery of time travel. Then, she will leave the post-apocalyptic future her grandfather created and travel back in time to prevent his calamitous actions. When handsome military captain Hunter Rhodes appears at Lainey’s remote scientific hub, he offers her protection. But there are strings attached to the mysterious soldier’s proffer, and Lainey finds herself wary of the man who stokes unwelcome longing and desire in her unemotional heart. For Lainey is a scientist, obdurate and dispassionate toward the notion of romantic love. As Lainey’s band of ragtag scientists and loyal soldiers endeavor to escape the dystopian future, the evil New Establishment threatens to destroy them all. In their unpredictable timeline, the nefarious regime has become all-powerful and will stop at nothing to ensure complete world domination…

Chase Andrews is a wounded grump. Okay fine, he’s a hot wounded grump. Still. He’s completely off-limits. He’s my patient for crying out loud. My dad would go nuts if he found out. I wonder if that’s why Chase has been avoiding our sessions. Hmmm. I should probably go by his cabin to check on him. It’s not like anything is going to happen between us. I’m just going to stop by and make sure he’s okay. Except now he’s looking at me with a hunger in his eyes. And now that we’re all alone in his mountain cabin, I feel like there might be more…

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