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Getting it on with my boss on his desk wasn’t in my new job description. Silver fox and ultimate DILF, Mr. Charles Conrad, commands respect and works overtime to give his daughter everything after they lost her mom. Spilling coffee all over his Italian leather shoes definitely wasn’t how I wanted to make my first impression. I can’t help it. Being in the same room with his chiseled body and thick forearms gets me hot and flustered. It’s impossible to resist the authority of an older man in a perfectly tailored suit. He’s my boss and I’m the new hire. The rules are plain and simple. Until I’m asked to fill in for a work trip and I fall even deeper by connecting with his daughter too. It’s obvious from his gaze that he wants me just as much as I want him. My goals were simple: secure a job, avoid another office scandal, and live my best damn life. What do I do now when neither of us can, or want to, stick to the rules?

Sparks fly as a hit matchmaking app brings unlikely couples together! Will the Man of the Month Club ever fail? Discover a full year of passionate romances in this complete collection of scorching stories. Meet all 12 lucky couples the app chooses in this hot collection of opposites attract, enemies-to-lovers, friends-to-lovers, single parent, fake dating, reverse age gap, and second chance matchmaker romances.

JANUARY: Maggie’s scars are visible to everyone. Jett’s are hidden deep inside. They are both too damaged to love… Or so they thought. Will these two be able to help each other heal or are some wounds beyond repair?
FEBRUARY: Chelle is a fun-loving, ambitious local news correspondent. Aidan is an uptight and serious state senator. Will these extreme opposites be able to spend time together and avoid catching feelings for each other?
MARCH: Ruby Beckham has a stalker. Tough cop, Patrick McDonnell, is the perfect man to protect her. But what if the man charged with her safety is the person she needs to be saved from? (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

Ghosts. Werewolves. Psychics. Tigers. Angels. A war against demons and a battle with fairies. This is the complete Ashton Grove Werewolves collection, a total of 11 stories at over 475,000 words.
Includes the books: Moonlight Haunting, Moonlight Protector, Moonlight Hero, Moonlight Guardian, Moonlight Champion, Moonlight Savior, Moonlight Warrior, Moonlight Angel, Moonlight Drifter, An Ashton Grove Thanksgiving, An Ashton Grove Christmas.

A veteran cowboy, an off-limits woman, and a dangerous blackmailer. I promised my mentor on his deathbed to protect his daughter. It seems simple enough, right? Keep her from falling for a low-life loser. That should be easy. But Jasmine and I have history. It was one night. But it was the best night of my life. And she’s a taste I can’t get out of my mouth. Her curves, her soft full lips, those eyes… I keep my promise and distance until she’s forced to move in with me. Then things heat up… and I remember why I’m not the man for her. When I think I have it under control, I become the target of a revengeful blackmailer. To get to me, he wants my greatest weakness—her.

Aleksandr Ivanov was my person. We helped each other through the worst of our childhoods. I thought we were meant for each other; then he ghosted me. That’s when I learned that the only person I can count on is me. Fourteen years later, the NHL superstar reappears in my life with an outrageous request: pretend to be his wife and help him adopt his orphaned niece, Stella. The twist? Apparently we’ve been married since I was sixteen. I can’t commit to the relationship he’s asking for, but when I accidentally screw up his childcare arrangement before he leaves for the Stanley Cup playoffs, I end up as Stella’s nanny for a couple weeks. I shouldn’t put my life on hold to help him. I shouldn’t fall hard for his precocious niece. And I definitely shouldn’t let him into my bed, or more importantly, into my heart. Because if I do those things, I might start wanting things I can’t have. There is no happy ending for us: I’ve got a company to run, and a contract to start filming a television show in Los Angeles. He can’t leave New York, and staying with Aleksandr would mean giving up everything I’ve worked so hard for. Most importantly, I can’t put my very fragile heart right back into the hands of the one person who already destroyed it.
(Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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