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When a Hollywood production sets its sights on Snowy Canyon Ranch for this year’s Christmas movies, it’s lights, camera… romance for the cowboys involved. Landon Dixon has one reason for being at Snowy Canyon Ranch. As an investor in his brother’s production company, he’s there to protect his investment. Once he earns enough, he plans to cash in and buy his own ranch to run for the rest of his life. Audrie Bishop has no plans to help out with the Christmas productions taking place on her best friend’s ranch. But when that best friend asks her to bring her hairstyling expertise to the set, she can’t resist. Meeting Landon Dixon is a nice surprise, but she has to keep herself from falling for him. She can’t waste time on another dead-end relationship. As the week goes on, though, Landon and Audrie find they have an undeniable bond. Falling for her could put Landon’s entire plan in jeopardy, though, especially when doing so might make the movie’s star walk off the set. How long can they keep their feelings secret from everyone on set? Especially when neither one of them can afford to fall in love.

Roomies with benefits? No need to ask me twice. My childhood best friend needs a place to crash after a messy breakup. And she’s not a little girl anymore. This woman has me wanting things I shouldn’t. So I give her my guest room. Even with a few walls between us, this good girl makes me feel like a really bad boy. But what could go wrong? Lots… Having her around is driving me insane with need. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea. Too late now. Until we strike a deal. We’ll matchmake for each other. Any man would be lucky to have this woman. Besides, my curvy BFF needs to be reminded that she’s everything a man wants. The problem? I’m jealous and turning into a possessive jerk anytime someone looks her way. Bff’s in bed isn’t cutting it. I want more. Like all of her. Matchmaking and happy-ever-afters be damned.

My darkest secret? I allowed a complete stranger to dominate me. He left me with two things that night: His first name. And his baby. Now Dominic’s back and he’s not letting me out of his sight. It all started with a flight and a wildly attractive older guy. And ended with the most erotic night of my life. But my first taste of submission ended in flames. And I ran far enough never to see him again. Until today… ​”We have unfinished business, Princess.” “I think you have the wrong girl.” To which he replies: “Maybe I wasn’t clear. You left once. I won’t allow you to leave twice.” ​Now it’s becoming abundantly clear Dominic has a few dark secrets of his own. Like the part about being an enigmatic billionaire. And the leader of a dark criminal underworld. Now how will I get myself out of this bloody mess?!?!

Supernatural hunter Dex Jager sets out on a journey to find his sister, fighting evil along the way. Everything changes when he partners up with unexpected allies and he finds himself unable to resist the one thing that he vows to fight.

Book 1- Resisting Darkness: How can you destroy the world’s monsters when you’re in love with one? Supernatural hunter, Dex Jager, will stop at nothing to find the vampire brood that captured his sister, and take them down one by one. After a motorcycle accident lands him in the small town of Whispering Pines, he finds himself in the middle of a murder investigation and partnered with Cora Fisher, the beautiful town coroner. As Dex and Cora grow closer and secrets surface, Dex is faced with the toughest decision of his life. How can you resist the darkness when it’s the one thing you love?

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The pull of the stage or the heart of the home? Which one tempted him the most? A struggling singer suddenly playing sultry Santa. A mayor with hopes too high for love. A town in need of reinventing itself. One Christmas wish could make everything right. Dillon’s dreams of making it big on the country music scene shattered to pieces, but he received no sympathy from his brother. Charles sent him on a mission to deliver some bad news to the mayor of their old hometown of Kissing Springs. Only he didn’t plan on running into Meadow Boyd as the new mayor—and the old sparks from their high school days returned. One look into her baby blue eyes and he knew—he’d work real hard to make her dreams and plans come true in more ways than one.

I trusted Malakai Harris all my life. I never thought he would stab me in the back the way he did. Kai has taken everything from me. My freedom, my friends, my father. The only thing left for him to take is my sanity, but I won’t hand it over. My only saving grace is his posse, those he has scared into following him. Dax Porter, Nico Mendez, Rowe Kade, and Knox Ward. They care about me, but they know they can’t save me from Kai. How long can I keep myself and them alive?

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