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he Earl of Wiltsham, despondent about his lost fortune, finds a desperate lady in his townhouse! Might Julia be the key to recovering his fortune and finding a life of love? Signing over his fortune to an unknown gentleman has left the Earl of Wiltsham practically penniless – made all the worse by the fact that he can barely remember anything. When an old friend gives him a flicker of hope, Benjamin returns to his London townhouse, only to discover a young lady sleeping in one of his bedchambers! Miss Julia Carshaw has decided to run away from London and from her brother’s demands to wed. Hearing that there is one empty townhouse, she finds her way inside – only to come face to face with one Viscount Wiltsham. Begging him to help her, Julia quickly comes up with a way to tie herself to Lord Wiltsham for good – learning too late that he has no wealth to speak of. But she has a plan to recover it. What risks will she take to help him?

He was supposed to break my bed, not my heart. Mr. Hottie-with-a-Body ghosted me a year ago, and now he’s my new boss. Still cocky. Still hot AF. Still thinks he can take whatever he wants. And he wants me to be his fake wife. He’ll get his promotion and I’ll get my debt erased. At first, he drives me crazy pushing all my buttons. But the way he stares at me gives me goosebumps, And soon his rock-hard body is all that fills my thoughts. Now, I love pretending to be husband and wife. Except we pretend a little too perfectly, Because I’m staring at a big, fat plus sign. He’s promoted, And I’m pregnant. So who’s going to tell the playboy he’s a baby daddy?

Alexandra Noir says “We all deserve to be punished and used once in a while. I know that I do!” This bundle has over sixty stories of BDSM, Discipline, Spanking, Dominance, and Submission. A CEO who needs to be dominated at night by multiple men to keep her bearings. A Professional Dominatrix who needs to punished for the things she enjoys doing to men. An Army Private who gets disciplined by her commanding officer, then by her whole platoon. A detective who goes undercover as a dominatrix to crack a case. These stories and dozens more are available in this bundle! This bundle is also the only place to get the all new series “For Queen and Country!” This six story series follows a heroine who pretends to be a man to enlist in the 19th century British Army. She’s set on proving that a woman can do anything a man can. Her plan runs into an unexpected complication when a deviant officer discovers her secret and torments her in ways she finds strangely satisfying. If you like BDSM, kink, variety, and value for money then you need to get this now! This bundle contains previously published material.

A witch, searching for her past, and the witch hunter, determined to kill her. 50 years and she still has no idea who she is. A witch on a quest to find her past and the key to unlocking her memories. Burdened by dreams and nightmares that are connected but she cannot remember. Tormented night after night by the same red eyes. Waking from another nightmare and sensing a new energy in the air, unsure if it is a good or bad omen, Patience decides to let fate take over. A night of fun descends into chaos when she steps through the doors of the Moarte never expecting her best friend, Michael, to begin his transition into a full demon or to have his soul become tethered to the vampire he had been dancing with. Discovering the vampire’s brother is THE Ragana Zidikas, an infamous witch hunter, she must fight the undeniable attraction between them as they team up to find a soul gem that will give her the power to untether the bond before Michael consumes the vampire’s soul and the Witch Hunter kills her. Can she save her friend in order to save herself, or will the Witch Hunter prove to be her undoing?

Seven smexy heroes with paw-sitively adorable dogs. Strong, independent women. What happens when a group of authors share a love of big dudes, feisty women, and little fur-babies with big personalities? They write an un-putdownable collection of romances that will make you laugh, smile, cheer for true love’s victory, and leave you desperate for a glass of water. Combining steam, humor and heart, this collection is full of laugh out loud moments with all the feels. Furever Mine is a limited-edition contemporary romance collection.

Can Bain bring forth a Christmas miracle and prove his love to his reluctant bride-to-be? Not if she has anything to say about it. Her family faces financial ruin, but Lady Adalyn can’t accept that the only way to save them is to marry for money, not love. When her parents arrange for her to wed a stranger despite her objections, she flees her childhood home. Just when she thinks her daring escape has been a resounding success, she finds herself in more trouble than ever. When her knight in shining armor sweeps in like a fairytale, Adalyn can hardly believe it. He’s charming and dashing, with the most beautiful green eyes she’s ever seen. She’s completely smitten with her handsome stranger. That is, until she realizes who he is… Viscount Bain Cooke can’t believe his luck. His future bride is witty and beautiful, with a strong mind and delightfully sharp tongue. She’s less than thrilled with their engagement, but he couldn’t imagine a better fit. He only has until Christmas Day to change her mind, and time is running out. Can Adalyn open her heart to the possibility of love in her arranged marriage?

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