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Bitten. Kissed. Claimed…I want it all. But the hot and drool-worthy werewolf shifter Deputy Brody Havoc prefers I leave Sleepy Briar instead of getting naughty with his set of cuffs all winter. I mean, I understand there’s a revenge-bent succubus stalking humans. I get it. I do. But paranormals are always fighting one spooky thing or another. He tries to deny the heated touches and sizzling kisses mean nothing, but the wolf in him doesn’t like me far from his touch. Truth be told, I like being near him, too. Cold nights have a way of stoking fiery passions, but when my shifter son goes missing during a nasty blizzard and the succubus returns with vengeance on her mind, can our newfound love survive for him to claim me as his?

What if you’ve known the love of your life since he was six years old and happens to be your little brother’s best friend? But the man whom Callie runs into in the middle of the desert in Morocco isn’t the little Brandon Rossi she once knew. He is a work of art. Brandon Rossi is the boy-next-door in a rock star package. As the front man of the rock band Canis Major, a visual artist, and an avid stargazer, he expresses his thoughts and feelings through his music, arts, and tattoos. When he hits an invisible wall that hinders his ability to create, he starts on a quest to find inspiration. Who knew Brandon’s ultimate inspiration comes in the form of an unconventional beauty with golden eyes? He did. He always knew because she was the one who got away. Calliope Chen-Bisset is a hard-working Parisian art gallerist who has gone through many hurdles in life. She was once broken, but she has tried her best to put herself back together—piece by piece. She doesn’t think she’ll be whole again until a blast from the past reminds her of who she is. The years haven’t dulled their connection. They’ve intensified it. Brandon is willing to lay down everything for her, but will Calliope open up to him like she once did? Will she let a little fact that he is her little brother’s best friend stop her? Or will it be her past that cast a shadow on their future? 

Mayhem is coming for the Knight’s Legion MC… Madeline. My Angel. The light to my darkness. As President of the Knight’s Legion MC, death and destruction come with the territory—this club is my life. Then she comes along and casts a spell on me with her innocent blue eyes. A healing balm to my soul. Powerful enough to chase away my demons. Caught up in an MC war is no place for a wholesome kindergarten teacher. No place for an Angel. What if she sees the savage monster in me? But walking away isn’t an option. From the first touch, I’m doomed. Swallowed up by her goodness. Claiming Madeline is the only way to keep her safe. And make her mine.

Vik Bedi was not supposed to be the one. Arrogant, smooth-talking surgeons—who also happen to be Geminis—are bad news. Our chemistry might be off the charts, but I’ve been burned by guys like him before. You’d think I’d have learned my lesson… But in a moment of weakness, I foolishly allowed a one-time fling to get him out of my system. Now I’m addicted—to his devilish smile, his heated gaze, and the way he steals my breath just by walking into the room. As a NICU nurse, I know how to be strong in the face of fear and chaos, but he knows when I just need to be held. He’s slowly inching his way into the one part of me that he can never have—my heart. They say the brightest stars burn the fastest, but I’m afraid he’ll leave me in embers.

With the tragic loss of his wife almost 2 years ago, Hudson Barlow is a lost soul struggling to find his way in the world again. Deciding on small steps, he convinces himself to grab coffee at a local diner. Easy enough, he thinks. What Hudson didn’t realize was that this tiny chance was a much bigger step into an unsuspected friendship and journey of self-discovery. With her abusive ex finally in her rear view, Amelia Davis is trying to move forward with her life. She’s settled into what feels like her happy place. Her own apartment, a great diner job and friends that have quickly become the greatest chosen family. Despite loving her peaceful routine, in walks a stranger who seems on edge, lost even. Amelia can’t help but be drawn to find out why… Hudson is terrified to move forward without his past. Amelia is afraid of her past coming to find her. Can the two of them find what they need in each other? Can they create a future together or will they…crash & burn?

Rebel Spell: I’m a witch without magic. I left Salem because I didn’t fit in, but now I have to return to deal with my aunt’s estate. When I meet my quirky, supernatural tenants, they convince me to go to the Halloween ball-and to pretend to be the vampire’s girlfriend. Risky? Perhaps. Witches are being murdered, and trouble is brewing like an overflowing cauldron. Is returning here a fatal mistake? Hot in Witch City: A wolf shifter enters my retro rock club and claims I’m his mate. That’s not going to happen. I’m half-siren and all single. No way am I giving up my freedom for some delusional furball. Dancing with My Elf: A dragon shifter thinks I need his help. Ha. I’m a detective. Why would I need help from an exotic dancer on a case that involves dark magic? We’re searching for demons, not dollars.

Vampires don’t get a happily ever after. Over the centuries, Eric Collins learned that the hard way, which is why he has sworn off the idea of companionship and throws himself into his job as a detective. But his plan for a peaceful, solitary existence is disrupted the night he saves Chase Turner, a fellow cop, from being murdered. Aside from the once-dormant feelings Chase stirs up, Eric has a bigger problem. There’s another vampire in Chase’s life whose intentions are even less noble than his own. If Eric leaves Chicago, Chase is as good as dead. But if he stays, he’ll end up in a war with the rest of the city’s vampires and Chase might become a casualty after all. Falling in love with his partner was never part of Chase Turner’s career goals. He already has two strikes against him at Chicago PD — the last thing he needs is a third. The son of an infamous Internal Affairs commander and the survivor of a shootout that left his partner dead, Chase is trying his best to keep a low profile until the heat blows over. Then he’s reassigned to Eric Collins’ division, the detective who saved him from certain death. Despite the fact Chase’s life is a complete mess, Eric is the only one who seems to think there’s light at the end of the tunnel. And no matter how much Chase denies it to himself or his therapist, it soon becomes clear that Eric is going to be Strike Number Three. How much is too much to risk for happily ever after?

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