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Veterinarian Drew is the only one of the four Blackwood brothers to have left Hickory Ridge for greener pastures. Though he adores the gentle, rolling mountains that cradle his family’s sprawling Virginia farm, his plans for the future don’t include a permanent return any time soon. What they do include is accepting an offer of partnership at a prestigious equine facility in his adopted hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. If he’s lucky, he’ll even figure out how to persuade fellow veterinarian and sweetly sexy confidante Hope Logan to acknowledge the crackling chemistry between them, clearly evidenced by the single night of passion they shared weeks before. But some surprises have a way of changing everything… When a positive pregnancy test throws them both for a loop, Drew knows he needs to act quickly to keep Hope from bolting faster than one of the Thoroughbreds they treat. He convinces her to join him on an extended trip home to Hickory Ridge. There, amidst the warm embrace of the entire Blackwood family, the quaint holiday traditions of his youth, and his growing feelings for the mother of his child, Drew begins to accept a new certainty: the only future he truly cares about is one that includes Hope and their baby. Can he convince her to take a leap into the unknown with him?

A team of warrior angels. A realm in danger. Mates in trouble. Three books that kick off a paranormal romance series. Angel Fire, Wicked Fire, and Demon Fire.

Angel Fire: Bryant would rather chew his wings off than get mated, but orders are orders. He’s been erratic in the field, taking unnecessary risks, and is cranky with his team. His boss hopes a mate will stabilize him. But Bryant understands what the rest of the realm won’t admit. His face full of scars makes him nightmare material, not mate material, for a realm full of vain angels. When an ethereally gorgeous female accepts his request, Bryant is leery. Then he learns who Odessa really is—the daughter of the man responsible for his injuries. But when Odessa’s attacked, Bryant has to get over his resentment. Because he’s the only thing between her and death, and together they might be able to save their realm.

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It was a crazy, one-time thing. A night I’ll never forget. The pounding of the bass from the speakers. Grinding on a crowded dance floor. Sexy masks and no last names. We missed the countdown to midnight, But that beautiful stranger and I definitely rang in the new year. After my divorce I didn’t think I’d trust a woman again. Briella’s new in town, and something about her draws me in. Fierce, independent…and full of surprises. I never expected to fall in love again. I never guessed Briella was my masked lover on New Year’s Eve. Or that the baby she’s carrying is mine.

The sexiest man I’ve ever met is Dad’s old friend? This might get tricky. Dad had mentioned Warrick Cedar, his high school buddy turned wealthy inventor. I was instantly drawn to the slightly scruffy, absent-minded man. He was odd in the most exciting ways. A slight makeover turned him from kooky to a hottie. I didn’t care that he was much older. He was the first person to truly focus on me and ask about my future. He was so tempting, so sweetly seductive, that I couldn’t have stayed away from him if I tried. I wanted to believe our lightning-fast love would last. But gorgeous brand-new billionaires didn’t tend to stay with young, ambitious girlfriends for long… Did they?

He saved me, protected me. Now the mafia man wants to collect on the debt. It’s not his miles of suntanned muscles and irresistible smolder that has me dying to say yes. It’s the fact I wear my heart on my sleeve and this man knows how to wield blackmail like the weapon it is. His exact words were: “I return you to the people wanting to give you a watery grave or you can have the best time of your life giving me an heir.” Hard choices. But then he swiftly follows that up with a promise to find me if I try to run and my fate is sealed. Or is it? After a single night of discovering his touch possesses enough heat to strip off my bikini bottoms, I slip away. I thought I’d never seen him again so no problem, right? I am about to learn just how wrong I am. When he shows up with dangerous heat in his eyes I instantly know two things. He did more damage to my heart than I thought and he keeps his promises. Well, three. I’m going to learn how far he’ll go to get what he wants.

She will need more than cookies to win her forced groom’s heart. Gossip forces them into a marriage. After all, Minnie’s been trusted to raise her precious baby sister. She and her husband are determined to make the best of this hurried marriage, but strange things keep happening. Then, Granny is kidnapped… Will getting the old woman back take the life of the man she’s only now coming to love?

Billionaire Sebastian Sterling has no love for Christmas, but the annual holiday gala thrown by his company is approaching. Desperate for help and down to the wire, Sebastian enlists the help of his ex fiancee’s scorned event planner. Amber Crawford’s dream of becoming a party planner went south, so she takes the first job she can find to make ends meet. When Sebastian offers her big bucks to plan his gala and pose as his girlfriend, she sees an opportunity to spread some Christmas cheer and pad her savings account. Amidst ice skating and mistletoe, passion ignites and the lines blur. Pretending becomes all too real. When the tree lights dim and the music fades, will their feelings remain? Or are some Christmas miracles not meant to be?

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