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Shielding her will be easier than ignoring their overwhelming attraction… Being man meat on the Bachelors for Charity auction block was not on bodyguard Caleb McCoy’s agenda. Neither was falling head-over-heels into lust with the stunning brunette who bid the highest for his time. But since he already did both, the least he can do now is protect her from the danger she’s landed in, right? CEO Genessa Turner is in trouble—the kind that involves cement shoes. With the mafia hot on her heels, she knows she needs help. Ex-cop McCoy is perfect for the job. The fact that he’s a sexy as hell, dominant cowboy who kisses like no other is just an unexpected—and entirely welcome—bonus. With time running out and everything on the line, are McCoy and Genessa headed for happily ever after…or the exact opposite?

Two weary souls find each other against all odds… Ashlyn Rivers left her cheating fiancé behind and moved to Ardor Creek to revamp her life. Done with men in general, she has plenty to focus on, like building her new business and renovating her house for the local haunted homes tour. Falling in love is definitely not on the agenda. Scott Grillo lost his family in a tragic accident several years ago. Still processing the loss, he throws himself into his contracting business, pushing away the loneliness and heartache. When Ashlyn blazes into Scott’s life, he turns down her request to renovate her house, vowing to squelch the desire she stirs deep inside. But Ashlyn is a force to be reckoned with and Scott finds himself longing for her embrace each day she remains in Ardor Creek. Can these two disillusioned souls reclaim their hearts and choose to love again?

There’s no fighting fate. Not when you’re hardwired for finding your fated mate. It’s a shifter thing. One I haven’t put much attention toward. Enter the hunky shifter next door type, acting Sleepy Briar sheriff Evan Havoc. Swoon! All of a sudden I’m ready to feel the bite of his fang in ways I’ve never experienced. The sheriff’s twin brother is all levels of gorgeous, ripped beyond belief. And a wolf shifter in denial. And you thought non-shifter men were hard to handle. Evan checks off all the tiny boxes I have for the kind of shifter I’d like to have a winter tryst with and it’s safe to say I have ideas on how he can put those temporary handcuffs of his to use. Before anything can get too serious with my shifter friend with benefits, a succubus hellbent on making everyone suffer pulls us apart. Is it fate? I don’t know. Shady pasts and second chances at love don’t mix. Before the succubus arrived in Sleepy Briar I saw my winter spent between heated sheets, not fighting for my life. Now I can only hope Evan will take fate in hand before the psychotic succubus takes away everything we’ve ever wanted.

What’s the saying? When it rains, it pours… And what’s that other one? Life begins at forty… Ha! With my best years and a broken marriage behind me, getting caught in a torrential downpour felt like just another day in ‘Billie’s Hopeless Middle-Aged Life’. But when I slipped into a nearby bar, things went from bad to worse then, unexpectedly interesting. As a nerdy, insecure single mom, my first thoughts were that I had no business drinking alone in the middle of the day. I thought I wasn’t that hopeless… yet. But then I spotted my soon-to-be-ex husband, Logan, canoodling with the younger woman he’d left me for and promptly ordered the biggest and strongest drink they had. Which was when things got… interesting. No sooner had I started drowning my sorrows when a stunning younger man sat at my table and suggested a little dare—a very tempting dare that I knew would give me the chance to hit back at my cheating ex, while also discovering the one thing I’d truly lost over the years… me.

The sexiest man I’ve ever met is Dad’s old friend? This might get tricky. Dad had mentioned Warrick Cedar, his high school buddy turned wealthy inventor. I was instantly drawn to the slightly scruffy, absent-minded man. He was odd in the most exciting ways. A slight makeover turned him from kooky to a hottie. I didn’t care that he was much older. He was the first person to truly focus on me and ask about my future. He was so tempting, so sweetly seductive, that I couldn’t have stayed away from him if I tried. I wanted to believe our lightning-fast love would last. But gorgeous brand-new billionaires didn’t tend to stay with young, ambitious girlfriends for long… Did they?

In the rural Northern Ireland of the 1960s, sixteen-year-old Moira Mullins is newly released from her second stay in a mental institution. Her problem is that she can’t seem to escape the notice of the other-worldly inhabitants of the wild lands bordering her family’s farm. Creatures nobody else can see or hear. When one of these beings, a fairy princess called the Maid of Ulster, offers to foretell the future, Moira jumps at the chance. But the Maid has ulterior motives that could have tragic results for Moira, who learns the future is sometimes better unknown. A dark modern-day fairytale, prequel to Ms. McGary’s novel Death in the Fens (previously published as The Wild Sight.)

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