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Ruby is notorious for her terrible taste in men. This Halloween, she’s sticking to hookups. Tonight is her chance to reset, with the help of her new friends, Beth and Neve. They’re on the hunt, playing easy prey – on purpose. Then a mysterious and oddly inhuman

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He’s combat ready. But keeping his hands off her might be his biggest battle yet… Special operator Orlando Frost lives to fight for those who can’t defend themselves. So when a terrorist threatens innocent civilians with a deadly toxin, he’s up to the task of

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What if your imaginary friend was real? Then again, Nox was never as imaginary as he was supposed to be, and while I thought of him as my friend, he watched over me because he knew we were meant to be more than that. He knew

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Jude Collymore wasn’t a player. He played drums, but he never played games—especially with women. Which is why the broody rock star made it clear he had no interest in long-term commitments. It wasn’t his fault he had women falling all over him despite that.

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Forbidden love is always sweeter. I should have known better. It’s not like I am new at this whole vampire thing. Falling for a wolf shifter—much less mating one—is a big no-no in my world. One that can get me staked. But there’s no denying

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Elena, In order to protect you, I needed to lose you—to give you up. For years I’ve been tormented knowing another man is touching you, earning moans from you that should be mine, and knowing you love him for it. In order for this to

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