Love Kissed Book Bargains for 10/23/22: Sunday Spotlight!

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Winter Ward (Winter Warmers Series, Book 1)

I let her stay as a favor to an old friend. But her father doesn’t realize…He sent a lamb to the big, bad wolf.. Bellamy is a violin student. That’s why her father picked me to take care of her for the university holidays—a famous composer. A maestro who can pass on his skills. But inspiration is golden, and this girl wakes parts of me which have been dormant for decades. I need her. And not just her music—her body, her heart, her soul. Old friend or not, her father may regret sending her here. Because now that I’ve found my little lamb… I’ll never let her go. Winter Ward is a short and steamy age gap instalove story, starring an obsessed maestro and his darling muse.

Thin Ice (Winter Warmers Series, Book 2)

I’m a figure skater with a skilled, handsome partner. But it’s not him I want… it’s our coach.…Dancing on ice with my best friend is a dream. But while my partner sometimes stares at me too long, I’m gazing up at the stands. Coach McKay is stern. He rules over the rink with a glittering scowl, arms folded over his muscled chest. I want him. I want to please him. Impress him. I want Coach McKay twisted in knots over me. Am I going crazy here? Or does the coach feel the same way?…Like I’m his. Thin Ice is a short and steamy age gap instalove story, starring a stern coach and his off limits love.

Cold Wood (Winter Warmers Series, Book 3)

The locals say the man in the woods is a beast. But once he saves my life, I can’t keep away. There is a path that runs through the deep, dark woods. I hurry along it every day, returning home from work to my grandmother. Sometimes I hear things as I pass through the trees–scary things. Snapping twigs. Huffed breaths. Howls. One night, the wolves are too hungry to stay back. One night, they chase me. That’s the night I meet him. He’s huge. Scarred and gruff, with an ax clutched in his meaty hand. He looks as beastly as the legends say. But he saves me. He cares for me. And now I owe him a debt. A debt I desperately want to pay. Cold Wood is a short and steamy instalove story, starring a wild woodsman and his girl in a bright red coat.

Snow Storm (Winter Warmers Series, Book 4)

I came to England on a once-in-a-lifetime college trip. But after a badly timed blizzard…I’m snowed in with a duke. I’ve waited years for a trip like this, and saved every spare penny to get here. The last thing I want to do is cause any trouble. But when the jet lag catches up to me and I fall asleep on a guided tour, the man who wakes me up doesn’t believe that. First, he thinks I’m paparazzi. Then, that I’m a thief. By the time he realizes I’m the world’s most hapless college student, he’s ready to slam his head against a wall. Because he’s stuck with me. My tour bus is long gone, and it’s snowing like crazy outside. I hope this grump likes popcorn and trashy movies… Guess I’m having a sleepover with a duke. Snow Storm is a short and steamy instalove story, starring a lonely duke and the college student he finds curled up in the art gallery.

Clock Work (Winter Warmers Series, Book 5)

I’m a world famous clockmaker. An artisan and a grown man. I should be able to resist my sweet young apprentice, damn it. I took her on as a favor. I don’t normally take students at all, but I know her brother and I figured–what’s the harm? Turns out, there’s plenty of harm. Turns out, I can barely keep my greedy hands off her. Turns out, I should never have let her through the door. Because we’re alone here in my workshop. It’s just the two of us, tucked away in the snowy mountains, with only each other for company. And every night when she walks home through the town, she takes my sanity with her. She’s half my age, and my apprentice. She’s so off limits, it’s not funny. But sure enough, my control’s fading away, slow and steady… Like clockwork. Clock Work is a short and steamy age gap instalove story, starring a gruff clockmaker and the sweet young apprentice who makes him tick.

The Gift (Winter Warmers Series, Book 6)

This year, I’m giving my favorite shy scientist an extra special gift…Me.…Here on this island in the Arctic sea, we have a tradition. We exchange gifts to help us through the long, dark winter. As the island’s postal worker, I get to deliver those gifts, and see the smiles on everyone’s faces. But one man never gets anything, and it breaks my heart. People think he’s awkward. Reserved and standoffish. But I know better–the handsome scientist is just shy. I’ve watched him for so long, wanted him for so long, and I can’t see him be lonely for another minute. I can’t bear it. I hope he’s ready for a hell of a gift. Because I’m giving the scientist everything. The Gift is a short and steamy age gap instalove story, starring a shy scientist and the girl who brings him out of his shell.

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