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Growing up, Elli Eversol spent nearly every summer in Sand Dollar Cove at her grandparents’ beach house, working at their shops on the old fishing pier. After a hurricane and Nor’easter damage the pier and the shops nearly beyond repair, Elli returns to town to

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He’d rather walk away than let the darkness inside him tarnish her light. Meadow Smith’s yearning to belong led her to make a terrible decision, one she regrets but can never take back. Now she’s on the run and has to decide if she can

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One night, against my better judgement, I threw caution to the wind and let a man I barely knew have his way with me… Fast forward three years later and I’m still reminded of that reckless decision daily. I adore the two little gifts he

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When Sydney’s aunt leaves her a modest estate and a mischievous Australian shepherd, she trades in her bustling city life for small-town charm. In an effort to keep her new pup from destroying her home, or getting hurt, she seeks the guidance of the handsome

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