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I was desperate. It was the only reason I agreed to go. Because competing on a reality TV dating show? Just the thought of all those cameras had me breaking out in a cold sweat. Plus, my truly impressive collection of emotional baggage made the very idea

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He’s the kind of man who always gets what he wants. But this time she’s going to make him work for it… When a ruthless company buys Holly Winter’s small home town, she’s determined to stop them. But then she comes face to face with

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If loving him was wrong… why did it feel so right? A family tragedy brought Ella Moretti home. Seven years later, with her dreams still on hold, living with her grandfather and working in the family restaurant, she is stuck. Until, a handsome stranger on

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Davis is the first guy to catch my attention since… hell I don’t even know. Instantly, he made me think and feel things I forgot existed. It has been forever since I put my needs first, so I took the chance and let him light

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