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She made a deal with the Dakkari devil. Now, he owns her. On the unforgiving planet of Dakkar, I did what all the humans in our village did: kept my head down, worked to provide for my family, and I certainly didn’t break any Dakkari laws to

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Abel King served his country until they had used him all up. Whoever he was before, he is not that man now. Now he is a growly, gruff, grumpy brute of a man who does not belong with most of society. And truth be told,

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When Amelia Wells was a teenager, her high school sweetheart, Hale Collins, broke her heart. Now, she’s back in her hometown of Briarville to help her parents move from her childhood home. It’s a new beginning for them, and a blast from the past for

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As the kicker, Roan is the highest scoring player on the Nighthawks. But he’s too busy raising his cousin’s daughters to worry about scoring off the field…until he meets the woman who is meant to be his.

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He is handsome, charismatic, and Hollywood Royalty. He is older than me. My boss. The forbidden fruit I can’t taste. Aaron is a successful man. He is one of the most influential producers in Hollywood, with more money than he can spend in a lifetime,

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