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A girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do … And sometimes, a girl’s got to sneak away from her own wedding to get out of an arranged marriage to a mobster. You know how these things go. Mafia kids don’t always get

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Kieran Bancroft has spent almost a thousand years saving humans from evil vampires. Protecting potential consorts from nightwalkers gave Kieran something to focus on other than his dwindling hope that he’d ever find the one who was meant to be his. Thana Fernsby had no

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He used to be the one who saved people. Now he’s the one they need to be saved from. Until fate sends him one last out-of-control shifter—and he’s her only hope… After years of healing other people’s pain and darkness finally drove his wolf over

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The bad guys want to possess me. The good guys want me dead. I used to believe vampires didn’t exist. Neither did demons or werewolves or magical houses that create anything you want. Then a deranged vamp tried to tear my throat out. Now, I’m

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