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I fell for the boy next door, and then my father ripped it all away from us. The first person to catch my eye in a long time is a colleague who tells me what we just did over his desk will never happen again.

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“I didn’t see you there. I won’t let you fall.” He only offers those sentences. No apology, nothing else. Just a sentence from a voice laced with dark secrets. Emily Walker has always strived to live a simple life. Orphaned at a young age, she

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This brat needs to be taught a lesson, and I’ll be the one to discipline her… Since retiring from the special forces, I’ve set up a team of elite personal security guards. But I wasn’t expecting the daughter of my first client to be such

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The sexiest bewitching novella of the season I’m the seventh sister of the most legendary coven in history.  All the seven of us have gifts. Super special, supernatural gifts. Mine is the worst. I’m Marnie Morales and while my sisters can do all kinds of things, I can

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