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The Grey Prince is growing desperate for an heir. Desperate enough to take me. I was too old. Too broken. Too feral. My womb was never meant to carry a child, let alone the heir to the prince of wolves. I wasn’t meant to be chosen.

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She spends her nights watching the world burn. He’s the only one who can help her fight the flames. Hayden: I’ve witnessed the end of the world more times than I can count—right before I wake up screaming. But Ragnarok is supposed to be a

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I think I love him, but I shouldn’t. He’s a triple B—Black, Billionaire, Boss… Malachi “Urban” Wharton is the heir to the Wharton legacy and hood royalty. An infamous underground banker and wooing savage. Because I don’t believe in soul mates or happily ever afters.

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