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The runes are cast, the rituals prepared. Now it’s time to break the rules… Fall under the spell of swoon-worthy supernatural heroes and magical heroines in fantastical worlds filled with dangerous adventures and epic romances. Witches, Wizards, Shifters, Vampires, Demons, Devils, and other mythical creatures

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The moon is risen, and the beasts have come out to play. From wolves to fae to witches this limited edition paranormal romance urban fantasy collection will keep you riveted from beginning to end. Are you ready for the thrill of a lifetime? Allow the

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Lying to my best friend wasn’t the worst thing I did, His little sister was. I retreated to my family’s shared cabin after a company scandal. Instead of fuming alone, there was my best friend’s little sister, all grown up. When the storm washes the

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I’ve been lying to my family for two years. They think I’m married. Plot twist. I’m not. It’s unheard of for the oldest son in a wealthy family to be single. My mother makes sure I’m aware of this truth. Hell, it’s a downright sin

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When a snowstorm leaves me stranded with three handsome strangers, I don’t want them to find out that: I’m a famous actress I’ve never been with one man, let alone three I want them all It wasn’t supposed to be like this. I came to

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The boss will see you now… In this collection you can expect delectable sexual tension, all the witty banter, and steamy hookup goodness. These men are smart, audacious and sexy as sin with a body to match. They are in control and know how to

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