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Serena Jackson falls hard when handsome stranger Daire O’Dowd swoops in as her skirt and the Windy City conspire against her. But as she’s flying high, he turns out to be her new subordinate—and completely off-limits. Canceling their date is easier than ignoring her desire

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I thought I was helping a damsel in distress with car trouble. Instead, I fell for an angel. Natalie’s unexpected stop in Mackton changed my life. She was the gorgeous, seductive girl I’d always dreamed of. It was impossible not to obsess over her sexy

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Loathed by those who should love her, can one fierce woman discover the secrets of her unique blood in time to be her own rescuer? Forrest Hesketh desperately clings to humanity. Trapped in an infuriatingly inept wolf form since she was nine years old, the

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Half demon, half human. Hooves. Horns. The monster of Christmas. We’ve all heard the tales of Krampus. …Or have we? A night with friends telling innocent stories quickly turns into a nightmare. A magical forest, and enchanted gardens. An enemy you don’t see coming. To

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Like all Necromancers, Cassius Corbin grew up knowing one irrevocable truth: death comes for us all. It was a lesson he learned well when his mother was murdered by fellow witches. Six years later, he is back in the town of Winslow, Massachusetts to attend

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