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They’re watching. Waiting. Bound by their desires to own—the uncontrollable hunger that breaks rationality and brings forth their baser needs. To hunt. To take. Morals and humanity have no place in this game, one they’ll win at all costs. A hunter never apologizes. A man

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I thought two broken people couldn’t be together. Now I’m praying we can make a whole… It was at a college party when I met the man of my dreams, and then he asked me to forget about him. Gorgeous, too serious for his own

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Our bond is undeniable…. but she’s an Untouchable. Isabella, shifter royalty, my fated mate. She’s off limits and hot as hell. The moment I see her, all I want to do is devour her. I know she’s meant to be mine. I will have her, no

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One look at Liam ‘Reaper’ Black and I know all the hushed whispers about the Dirty Sinners’ new MC president are bona fide truth. Ripped. Wild. Savage. With deep ties to the Bratva mafia and the legions of souls no doubt haunting his past, he is

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As the kicker, Roan is the highest scoring player on the Nighthawks. But he’s too busy raising his cousin’s daughters to worry about scoring off the field…until he meets the woman who is meant to be his.

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She’s always wanted an adventure, and she’s going to get it, even if she has to pretend to be someone else! All her life, Michelle has longed for the kind of adventures that she reads about in books. Instead, the forty-year-old cashier has a boring

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