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Every Wednesday in 2022, we will be featuring one specific trope! In the mood for non-stop MC? Friends to Lovers? Or Secret Babies? We’ve got you covered!


Things to Know:

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This week's featured trope: Revenge

The warlock who murdered my parents is teaching at Root Rot Academy–and now, so am I. Once upon a time, a monster killed my parents and left me to burn in my bed. Twenty-six years later, I finally found him. We might have both become

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Only one thing stands between Sebastian and his quest for revenge. He’s falling in love with his prey. Ivy Kinley destroyed a young man, heart and soul. Now, she’s the target of a cruel game where she is the prize. Wagers are placed: Survive her

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Her family’s mafia empire drove me deeper into the darkness that has ruled my life since birth. Asena Titan— the family princess. My beautiful addiction. My sweet torment. Untouchable in every way while she is perched high upon her pedestal. I am and forever will

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Lonely mafia princess with too many daddy issues seeking nice guy next door. Yeah right. Not even in my wildest dreams could I live the fantasy small-town life. I tried to run away from who I am and now I’m the captive of a ruthless

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havoc /ˈhavək/VERB ARCHAIC 1.    lay waste to; devastate.   He sent me away to be killed. But I outsmarted him, and now his allies are mine. It’s time to claim my rightful place as head of the crime family. But his closest associates stand in my way.

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I think I love him, but I shouldn’t. He’s a triple B—Black, Billionaire, Boss… Malachi “Urban” Wharton is the heir to the Wharton legacy and hood royalty. An infamous underground banker and wooing savage. Because I don’t believe in soul mates or happily ever afters.

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