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In Chicago’s underworld, they are known as the four mafia kings. Lethal. Beautiful. Corrupt. To me, they are my enemies. Because of them death stripped away my veil of innocence, leaving me vulnerable to the likes of criminals like them. I’ve learned the hard way

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A dare, a lie and a vacation fling that just might lead to a forever kind of love Emmy: I might be young and idealistic, but I set goals in life. One of which–being a successful romance author–I’m already living. While at a writer’s retreat

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What do you get when you take a snippy, sarcastic Georgia peach with a huge heart and a spine of steel, mix her in with beings who’ve watched over mankind since the beginning of time, and pit them against their brethren who are traveling across

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Supernatural hunter Dex Jager sets out on a journey to find his sister, fighting evil along the way. Everything changes when he partners up with unexpected allies and he finds himself unable to resist the one thing that he vows to fight. Book 1- Resisting

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